Poor farmers in the rainforest

Poor farmers
in the rainforest
The problems
They face
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• What is the conflict in Brazil's tropical
• Why my group has chosen this topic?
• What is their position as regards to the
rainforest ie is it a source of income, a
precious natural resource, their home? etc
• what problems do the tribal people face in
the rainforests of Brazil?
• What are the benefits for your group?
What is the conflict in Brazil's
tropical rainforest
• The poor farmers are trying to make a
living by the slash and burn technique.
• People like McDonalds cut down the
rainforest so the farmers do not have as
much land as they used to.
• This means that the farmers get even
Why my group has chosen this
• My group is involved in this conflict
because it believes that this is the worst
conflict. So we want to tell the people
outside what the farmers in the rainforest
get treated like.
• The farmers basically get treated as if
they don’t matter.
Why the farmers need the
rainforest more than other people
• The rainforest is the farmers home, and it has
been for a long time, and hopefully will be there
children's home.
• The farmers need the rainforest for them to earn
money or just to grow food for themselves.
• Mc Donald's don’t need the rainforest to stay
Why the farmers need the
rainforest more than other people
• The farmers know how to look after the
rainforest, if they get moved out then they
will not have a job, so they would not be
earning a living and they would go to the
nearest city
• The Brazilian government do not want this
so they should stop people cutting down
the rainforest.
Poor Farmers Using Slash And
The slash and burn
technique is a clearing
technique used by the farmers.
All the farmers in the tropical
rainforests either do rubber
tapping or harvest such crops
like the Brazilian nuts fruits such
as the acai palm which is used
to make a thick red wine.
Up the top is an image of the slash
and burn were the farmers would
slash and cut down trees, then burn
to put nutrients in the soil and farm it
for 1 year then move on and come
back in 30 years time.
• Logging tropical hardwoods like teak, mahogany,
rosewood, and other timber for furniture, building
materials, charcoal, and other wood products is
big business and big profits. Several species of
tropical hardwoods are imported by developed
counties, including the United States, just to
build coffins that are then buried or burned. The
demand, extraction, and consumption of tropical
hardwoods has been so massive that some
countries that have been traditional exporters of
tropical hardwoods are now importing them
because they have already exhausted their
supply by destroying their native rainforests in
slash-and-burn operations.
Logging (two)
• It is anticipated that the Philippines, Malaysia,
the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Thailand will soon
follow, as all these countries will run out of
rainforest hardwood timber for export within five
years. Japan is the largest importer of tropical
woods. Despite recent reductions, Japan's
average tropical timber import of 11 million cubic
meters annually is still gluttonous. The demand
for tropical hardwood timber is damaging to the
ecological, biological, and social fabric of tropical
lands and is clearly unsustainable for any length
of time.
You get to live in the Amazon
which is one of the largest
outstanding beautiful rainforests
in the world. You also live in a
completely different way than
you would if you lived in London
or in a town. This is because you
get fresh fruit and meat that you
would produce yourself. You
also get good soil so that you
The problems the tribal people
face in the rainforests of Brazil?
• There homes are being taken away from
them (the loggers taking away the trees)
• They do not have the same amount of
land or trees to use for rubber tapping and
to use for slash and burn.
• This will make them have to use the same
land or trees more often, so they will either
become infertile (soil) or die or not
produce as much (trees)
The problems the tribal people face
in the rainforests of Brazil?
• If we keep on cutting the trees down, and
the Brazilian government let this happen
then the farmers will have to move, most
of them will move to the city which the
Brazilian government do not want, so the
government will have to think about what
they are going to do.
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