Fern Gully Worksheet - Study Is My Buddy 2015

What is happening to Fern Gully?
Why is this occurring?
Who is causing the habitat to come under threat?
What destructive tools are being used to do this?
What actions are being done to prevent this?
Which Global Organisation works to prevent this destruction?
What is Crysta trying to achieve?
Is Crysta able to change Zak’s mind about Fern Gully? How?
What does the character “Hexxus” represent?
What does the character “Magi” represent?
Throughout year 8 Geography you have been studying Global
environments and our role in them.
Describe the lesson we can all learn from Fern Gully in terms of
our role as Global citizens.
Design a poster that calls people to act in protecting our
Your poster must be headed
“Act Now!!”.