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Media Planning
All activities used to inform &
persuade consumers to buy products
& services.
Promotional Mix
Any combination of promotional
activities, including advertising, sales
promotion, personal selling, &
publicity a company will do to inform
& persuade consumers.
4 Promotional Mix Elements
(2)Sales Promotion: Short term incentives used to
stimulate customers to buy products.
Examples of Sales Promotions:
Coupons & Rebates: Offer price reduction or free merchandise
Free Samples
Premiums: Items that are given away free with purchase of
Contests: Chance of winning a prize if a task is completed by
the customer.
Sweepstakes: Sign up to win a prize. No purchase or task is
Store Window Displays
Free Financing
4 Promotional Mix Elements
Personal Selling: Direct or personalized
communication by employees to potential
customers to influence buying decisions &
ensure customer satisfaction.
4 Promotional Mix Elements
Publicity/Public Relations:
Publicity: Free & non-personal forms of
 Public Relations: Activities that promote the
image and communications a company has with
its employees, customers, investors, and public.
Examples of Publicity/Public Relations:
 Press Releases & News Conferences
 Newspaper Articles
 T.V. News Stories
 Radio & T.V. appearances
Any paid & nonpersonal form of
communication of an idea, good, or
Advertising Media
The different avenues through which
a business can reach its potential
Types of Advertising Media
 Radio
 Internet
 Newspapers
 Magazines
 Billboards
Successful Media Planning
Media planners will seek to reach the
largest % of their target market.
 Target Market – The group of consumers
that a business will direct its marketing
activities towards.
 Try to keep advertising spending within a
set budget.
Strategies for Successful Media
Define a specific target market by using Market
Segmentation – Breaking down consumers based
on their characteristics.
Types of Market Segmentations:
 Demographics – Personal Characteristics – (Age,
Income, Gender, Ethnicity, Occupation, Education Level).
Psychographics – Hobbies, Lifestyles, &
 Geographics – Consumers’ locations
Strategies for Successful Media
Planning Cont…
Determine specific media outlets which will
best reach the defined target market
 Example: If you are targeting young
males determine media outlets which
have a large number of viewers or
listeners that are young males.
Maximizing Advertising Dollars
Determine how well your advertising dollars are
being spent with Cost Per Reach.
 Cost per reach = Total Media Cost / Total
Audience Reach
 Example = Media Cost = $100,000
Audience = 2,000,000
 $100,000 / 2,000,000
• Cost per reach = .05
• (It costs .05 cents for every person reached)
• The lower the “CPR” the better
Media Planning Terms
Cost per reach – The cost of an advertising
campaign divided by the number of people
Media – Avenues for communicating a message.
Awareness - % of potential customers in a specific
target market who are aware of a product’s
Demographics – Personal characteristics of a
population segment such as gender, age, &
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