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Courtroom Setup & Order
Each courtroom is setup a little
differently depending on space and
when it was built
Viewing – The Audience
• Back of the courtroom
• Anyone can sit and watch
• Witnesses sit here
• 12 individuals that hear the case
• Sit to front and to the side of the judge
• State or Federal government’s attorney in the
criminal case
• Sit to front and to the side of the judge
– Closest to the Jury
Defense Attorney & Defendant
• Defendant – one that committed the crime
• Sits with his / her lawyer(s) across an isle to
• Sits one side of the judge
• Records what goes on in the courtroom
• Stands on one side and back of the judge
• Legal Officer assigned to a courtroom to keep
peace and order
• Elected Official that oversees court proceeding
– In cases without a jury makes the final decision
Testimony Box
• Box next to the judge where individual being
questions sits (Usually closer to the Jury)
Trial Process
Jury Selection – 12 plus alternates
• Get license / state ID = on Jury list
• Get letter with questionnaire
– Fill out and return
• Get summons to show up at court on date
– Work has to let you off
– Get $10 to $20 a day
• Lawyer picks Jury through Voir Dire examination
• Can say no to you serving on the jury
– Removal for a Cause: Unlimited number, reason
– Peremptory Challenges: Limited number, Remove
without reason
Court Starts
Lawyers and viewers in place
Jury is brought in
Bailiff announces Judge
Judge has Bailiff swear in Jury and gives
• Prosecutor gives Opening Statements
• Defense gives Opening Statements
• Prosecutor calls witnesses
– All Witnesses are sworn in by the Bailiff
Court Continues
• Defense Attorney cross-examines witnesses
• Motions
– If Prosecution did not make case, Defense
can ask that the case is dismissed
• Defense calls witnesses
• Prosecutor cross-examines witnesses
Court Conclusion
• Closing Statements
– Prosecutor then Defense
– Prosecutor gets a Rebuttal
Judge gives jury instructions
Jury Deliberates
Jury Reads Verdict
Another Court Date given
– Sentencing by Judge
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