Youth Development


Setting Up and Operating a Youth Committee

Orla O’Shea

Youth Development

Tralee Credit Union Ltd.

Why set up a Youth


• Dedicated Team to meet the needs of youth in the common bond.

• Youth are the future.

Abraham Lincoln: “Youth are the people who are going to carry on what we have started.”

• Create, Develop and Promote an appreciation and understanding of TCU.

Tralee Credit Union’s

Youth Committee - Setup

March 2008:

Board of Directors appointed a full time

Youth Development Worker.

June 2008:

Youth Officer was appointed from the Board of Directors.

November 2008:

Volunteer Drive and three new members where chosen by the nominating committee.

How it operates

• Five Members on the Youth Committee

-Boards Youth Officer

-Youth Development Worker

-Three Volunteers

• Youth meetings are held once a month

How it operates?

• Youth Policy

• Youth Budget

• Youth meetings are held once a month –

Youth Development Worker reports to the youth committee on youth events

• Youth Report included in the Board pack each month.

What have our youth

Committee achieved?

Youth Mascot:

Ellie is the youth mascot of Tralee Credit

Union Ltd.

• She is used as an educational tool to show children that saving can be an adventure and fun and…

• Through Ellie children have become financially aware



Primary School Saving


• €1 Ellie saving stamp scheme

• 27 Schools participating each week

Secondary School Credit Union

For every new Ellie

Account Opened

• Ellie Wallet

• Ellie Certificate

• Ellie gift – backpack or Piggy

Youth Newsletter

• Summer and Winter Newsletter

• Issued to over 3,000 youth members

• Includes youth news and competitions

• Since the youth committee formed – growth in new accounts opened and children saving.

Other Youth Services

 Youth Events

 Website –

 Student Loans

 Newborn Accounts

 Ellie Gift Cards




Thank You!