Saying thank you

Saying thank you
By Lucie ,Lily ,Ben and William
Our thank you poem
Thanking people is important
Have good manners all the time
Always be polite
Next time someone is nice say thank you
Kindness is polite
You should use your manners
Our manners help us
Use manners everywhere
Thank you quiz
If someone gives you something do you say
thank you or ignore them?
If someone opens the door for do you say
thank you or ignore them?
Has any one ignored you when you did a
nice thing is that polite?
When do you say thank you?
Why do you say thank you?
Why saying thank you is important?
Saying thank you makes people think you
are polite and it is very good manners.
If you are polite and do have manners you
will be rewarded also you will have more
So next time some one does something kind
or gives you something remember to say
thank you!
Dear Lord
Help us remember to always thank people
who have helped us or shown kindness ,
no matter in how small a way it is . Help us
to remember to show kindness and
politeness to others , whenever we get the
Thank you for watching our