The Leadership Challenge

ASSE 2011 Leadership Conference
Using Effective Delegation
to Motivate Volunteers
Rob Chvatal
Catalyst for Change, Inc.
Northwest Chapter
Inspire you to Consider
Delegating to
Energize, Retain, and Attract
In This Hour
• Reflect
• Take notes on what
you are thinking
The Challenge
“Leadership is the art of mobilizing others
to want to
struggle for shared aspirations.”
The Leadership Challenge
Kouzes and Posner
The Challenge
“Personal Accountability is a personal
choice to rise above one’s
circumstances and
demonstrate the ownership
necessary for achieving desired results.”
The OZ Principle
Conners, Smith and Hickman
What Motivates People?
Drive - Daniel Pink
It’s not Carrot and Stick!
Why do Volunteers Volunteer?
- To Contribute to Something Cool
- To be Part of a Team
- For a Sense of Accomplish
- To Grow
- Others Reasons?
It’s not Money or more Stress!
Delegation is
The transfer of responsibility,
and some level of authority,
from one person to another.
Why Delegate?
 Spread out Work to Get It Done
 Build Organizational Capability
 Make Room on YOUR Plate
 Motivate OTHERS!
Why don’t we Delegate?
 Attitude \ Experience Issues
 Skill Issues
 Personal Capability Issues
Delegating to Motivate
 Align people with the Importance of the
 Align work with Capable\Motivated People
 Support and Recognize Contributions \
Progress (MASTERY)
 Provide Smaller Opportunities of all kinds
Delegation Steps
1. Determine What & Why it’s Important
2. Determine What Results are Expected
3. Determine Volunteer’s Capability \
Motivation Levels (and related Needs)
4. Determine Level of Authority to Delegate
5. Determine When & How to Check-in
6. Delegate, Check-in, and Support
KNOW Your Volunteers
As a Leadership Team
 Network with a Purpose
 Find People who are Willing,
but . . . .
KNOW Your Volunteers
SUPPORT Your Volunteers
Levels of Authority
A. "Follow these instructions precisely." or "Look
into this and tell me the situation. I'll decide."
B. "Look into this and tell me the situation. We'll
decide together."
C. "Decide and take action. Let me know what you
did and what happened."
D. "Decide and take action. You need not check
back with me.“
 Focus on Delegating to Motivate
 Overcome the Challenges
 Make the Process a Habit
 Know Volunteer’s C\M Levels
What can you GO DO NOW?
 Read the Handout Next Week and
Reflect back on Your Notes
 Plan and follow through with a
Delegation Opportunity Yourself
 Discuss Opportunities and Plan Action
as a Leadership Team