Renewing The Covenant

The Book of II Samuel
From Triumph to Trouble
Ray of Hope Christian Church
March 6, 2012
II Samuel 2:1-7
Mark 10:43-45
What does it mean for us to
truly serve others?
The Book of the Reign of David
II Samuel 5: 4-5
David was 30 years old when he became king
and he reigned over Judah 7 years and six
months and in Jerusalem he reigned over all
Israel and Judah 33 years
The Structure:
David’s Triumphs – Chapter 1-12
David’s Troubles – Chapters 13-24
The Central Message is:
Triumph turned to Trouble through sin
II Samuel 3:1
II Samuel 5:1-5
II Samuel 6:23
Why do you think Michal was
so aloof, so cold, to David?
The Davidic Covenant
Chapter 7:8-16
The Divine Confirmation of the
throne in Israel
The Perpetuation of the Davidic Rule – verses 11-16
House or posterity – verses 11-13
Throne or royal authority verse 13
Kingdom or sphere of rule – verses 13-16
All of the above are secured forever
Psalms 89:3-4;20-37 is a confirmation of the Davidic
It would be unconditional because it
would be fulfilled in the Messiah
Acts 2:29-31
This was a sure prophecy of Christ
First prophecy was made to Adam
Genesis 3:15
The second to Abraham
Genesis 22:18
Genesis 49:10
II Samuel 8:6b and 14b
“The Lord gave David victory
wherever he went. . .
The Lord gave David such victory
because he was a man of prayer
II Samuel 2:1
David was humble
Peter 5:6
Humble yourselves, therefore,
under God’s mighty hand, that he
may lift you up in due time
David was a worshipper and he
loved to praise the Lord
II Samuel 6:14, 17
David was a giver
II Samuel 6:18
One is most like God when one
gives, because God is a giver
Then he sinned . . .
Chapter 11
• Adultery with Bathsheba
• Murder of Uriah and Marrying
The Lord sent Nathan to David to
rebuke him - Chapter 12
II Samuel 12: 9-12
God said,
why did you despise my
word and despise me
David confessed his sin
without making excuses
II Samuel 12:13
Psalms 32; 51
Romans 6:23
The wages of sin is death, but the
gift of God is eternal life
The rest of the book is about David’s troubles
• The first son of Bathsheba died, but the second one
Solomon lived and succeeded David
• Amnon his son raped Tamar, Absalom’s sister
• Absalom kills Amnon
• Absalom conspires to take the nation from his father.
He has wooed the people to support him even Judah
• David who is no longer confident and sure as a leader
flees the country
• Joab kills Absalom
• The men who have fought to save David return home
in shame because David is mourning Absalom
David returns to Jerusalem and finishes his reign
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