Sharpen the Saw
Habit 7 is all about keeping your personal self
sharp so that you can better deal with life.
 It is regularly renewing and strengthening the four
key dimensions of your life – body, brain, heart,
and soul
What is Renewal?
Refreshing yourself or clearing your head to take on
your next task.
Four corners:
The 4 dimensions are:
 Body-
keeping healthy and active
 Brain – keeping your brain mentally sharp
 Heart – keeping your self worth high and emotions in check
 Soul/Spirit – Maintaining positive inner feelings.
Think of things you could do to refresh or renew each of
Each poster is a different dimension and you need to
come up with as many ways to sharpen that dimension
as possible – do not repeat any that are already listed
Keeping your mental self
Read, educate, write,
learn new skills.
Keeping your
self-worth high
and your
emotions in
Build relationships,
give service, laugh
Exercise, sleep well,
relax, eat healthy.
Meditate, keep a
journal, pray.
For my BODY I...
For my Brain I...
Write down 3-4 things in each
bubble that you can do to
sharpen that dimension.
For my HEART I...
For my
Reflection Journal
Let’s read together pages 1, 2 and 3 in the 6 Decisions
textbook before you complete your journal prompt.
1.What do you find the most difficult part of being a
teenager? What is something that you struggled with in
the past or present? How could the 7 Habits of helped?
2.Which of the habits will you try to incorporate more
into your life? Why/how come those particular ones?.
7 Habits Quiz
Friday, September 27th 
 Matching
– 10 pts
 Scenarios: Win-win, win-lose, lose-win, lose-lose – 4 pts
 Multiple choice – 6pts
 The time quadrants and examples – 8 pts
 Write a proactive ending – 4pts
 Paradigms. What are they? Incomplete paradigms and
paradigm shifts? – 4 pts
 Label the 7 Habits Tree
Short answer – 9 pts
 Genuine
 Think Win-Win
 Habit 7 Sharpen the Saw
 Habits 1,2, and 3
 Habit 5 Seek First to Understand, Then be Understood
* Your 7 Habits booklet is due on the day of the quiz