Visual Puns… - Leo Hayes High School

Visual Puns…
Before we even take a look at visual puns we need to
ask ourselves this:
What is a pun?
A pun is defined by Webster as "the humorous use of
a word, or of words which are formed or sounded
alike but have different meanings, in such a way as
to play on two or more of the possible applications; a
play on words.“
visual pun
is a pun involving an
image or images.
Fish Tank
Sky scraper
Chest hair
Harry Potter
Your assignment
• You are to brainstorm and create a list of 5
possible visual puns. Come up with your own!
Not the examples we use in class..
• Choose three of these puns and rough out a
visual composition in your sketchbook.
• Choose the most effective of the three to create
a finished composition of a visual pun.
• You will use the large white paper provided. You
may use water colour paper if you wish. Finish
compositions with pencil crayon, paint, ink,
shading, hatching, whatever will best suit your
The possibilities are endless..
Flower girl
Egg beater
Fire fighter
Palm pilot
Dandy lions
Pool table
• Have Fun!
• Good Luck!