Comprehensible Input

Review Homework
You will have 3 minutes to complete this task.
Use a colored marker, write/draw what you and
your family like to do together.
Take 30 seconds each to comment
about what you have written.
The person who used the blue marker
will go first and rotate clockwise.
Strategy Implementation
Now, share a strategy that you have implemented this past week
for building background knowledge.
Take 1-minute each to share what went well and what challenges
you may have had.
If your group finishes before time, others may interview.
The person who chose an outdoor activity will share first, when
you hear the bell, the person on the right of the speaker will
share. Continue until everyone has shared.
Listen carefully as you may be asked to share what your
group mates have said!
Sharing with the Group
Blue pen = 1
Red pen = 2
Purple pen = 3
Brown pen = 4
The number drawn from the cup will be the person to share:
 A success that a group member shared.
 A challenge that a group member shared.
Today’s Learning Targets:
Content Objective: (WHAT)
You will be able to identify techniques for
presenting content information in a way
students comprehend.
Language Objective: (HOW)
You will be able to practice and model two
techniques to help students comprehend.
Techniques for Achieving
Comprehensible Input
What you put in is what you get out!
Speech appropriate:
Rate of enunciation
Complexity of speech
Clear Explanation of Academic Tasks
Step-by-Step manner
Avoid behavior problems
Variety of Techniques Used to Make Content Concepts Clear
Pictures, Gestures, and More
Speech Appropriate for Students’ Proficiency Levels
Teachers MUST know the proficiency level of their learners!
More information available on page 51
SPEAK s-l-o-w-l-y and CLEARLY
Use Expression and Body Language
Hand signals, acting out, physical expression
Use with Caution
Students at
lower levels of English proficiency
are NOT
necessarily functioning
lower levels cognitively!
Clear Explanation of Academic Tasks
Instructions must be given in a step-by-step manner.
Use modeling and demonstrations.
Share a finished product to show what the task entails.
Accompany oral directions with written ones to be used as a point of reference.
Keep directions clear and straight forward!
Behavior problems occur when
students are not sure about what to do!
EL students have a difficult time articulating this.
Use a Variety of Techniques to Make
Content Concepts Clear
~ Preview materials
~ Use pauses for processing time.
~ Use short sentences with simple syntax.
~ Stress high-frequency vocabulary
~ Repeat and review vocabulary.
~ Allow for alternate ways of expression.
*illustrate, role play, hands-on
~ Use technology
~ Repeat exposure in a variety of ways.
SIOP strategy page 53
STUDENTS respond by moving their bodies!
Great for KINESTHETIC learners!
All Grade and Subject Areas
Individual, partners, small group, or whole class
Use Beginning, middle, and end of lesson
Materials ~ your bodies 
* Use hand, facial, or whole body movements to illustrate key components of a lesson.
1. Watch as the teacher demonstrates a lesson for science.
2. Use a model to demonstrate the parts of the cell.
3. Students become the model.
Checking for Understanding
Each group will create a ‘poster’ that models
the parts of a cell and its function.
You will use all vocabulary:
Cell Wall, Cell Membrane, Mitochondria,
Lysosomes, Ribosomes, Cytoplasm, Nucleus
Be Creative!
You will have 10 minutes to design your
Make sure everyone in your group understands
and is able to explain your poster.
The person who is wearing colored socks will
stay to explain the poster.
The other 3 will move to the next table…
Table 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, and 4 to 1
You will have 1 minute to explain your poster.
New members will provide input or add to the
poster for 1 minute. Compliment 
We will rotate again in 2 minutes.
SIOP strategy page 56
Grade Levels 2-12
Language Arts
Individual, Small group, or whole class
Materials: Word lists
To further enhance comprehensible input!
Watch carefully for comprehension!
Be ready to repeat, restate, or clarify
Be friendly and enthusiastic!
You can do it attitude!
Maintain warmth and support to decrease
anxiety and encourage participation.
Review Learning Targets…
Content Objective: (WHAT)
You will be able to identify techniques for
presenting content information in a way
students comprehend.
Language Objective: (HOW)
You will be able to practice and model two
techniques to help students comprehend.
Think, Pair, Write, Share
Think about the information shared for comprehensible input…
* Speech
* Explanation
* Variety
* Move it! (pg. 53)
* Synonyms (pg. 56)
* Every Student Gets a Chance. (pg. 60)
Take 1 minute to talk about your ideas and add what
you will try and implement this week onto your
purple sheet.
Be ready to share at “STRATEGIES” next week!