“The Necklace”

“The Necklace”
Anticipation Guide
 Do not consider the truth of each of these
statements; consider whether or not you agree or
disagree with them.
Lying is acceptable in some situations; you should always lie to
save face.
Life sometimes hands you cruel situations; the best thing to do
when this happens is to keep your suffering to yourself and
find a way to get by.
Material goods like clothing and cars, are extremely important
to being happy. Money can’t buy happiness but it definitely
makes it easier to be happy.
 Rueful:
 Feeling pity
 Chic:
 Stylish
 Disheveled:
 Untidy
 Dowry:
 Money and goods a wife brings
into the marriage
 Aghast:
 Overwhelming shock
 Adulation:
 Excessive devotion
 Pauper:
 Poor person
 Usurer:
 A person who loans money
 Vexation:
 Irritation
Literary Terms
 Setting:
 Where the story takes place
 Example: an apartment in France
 Protagonist:
 The main character
 Example: M. Loisel – he is always trying to please his wife
 Diction:
 Style of speaking
 Example:
Literary Terms
 Mood:
 How the story makes the reader feel
 Example: frustrated or displeased
 Theme:
 The whole point of the story/the moral
 Example: “Be grateful for what you have.”
 Madame Loisel
 Direct: pretty, attractive
 Indirect: constantly displeased; never happy with anything
 Madame Forestier
 Direct: fashionable
 Indirect: laid back, “cocky”
 Monsieur Loisel
 Direct: worn out
 Indirect: aims to please
Reading Questions
 Why did M. Loisel expect his wife to be pleased to
receive the invitation from the Minister of
Because she would get to go to a party and she was always
complaining about not going out.
 Describe Mme Loisel’s reaction on reading the
She gets upset because she has “nothing to wear”
Reading Questions
 Why had M.Loisel been saving 400 Francs?
 For a rifle
 Compare and contrast the life of Mme. Loisel before
and after the disappearance of the necklace.
Before she was ungrateful but very pretty and attractive; she
didn’t appreciate what she had nor realize how wonderful her
life really was. After she lost it, she turned ugly and lost
everything; she finally became grateful because she had
nothing left and realized what she finally lost!
Reading Questions
 Why was Mme. Loisel anxious to hurry away from
the ball?
Because her husband only had a “raggedy” coat for her to wear
and it clashed with her beautiful outfit
 What efforts were made to fine Mme. Forestier’s
The Loisels retraced their steps until they realized it was
probably in the cab. Then they went around to different jewelry
shops to try and find a duplicate.
Reading Questions
 Describe how the Loisel’s life changed after they paid for the
new necklace.
They were poor and had to move to an attic apartment; they were
forced to fire their maid and do manual labor.
 What was Mme Forestier’s reaction when seeing Mme Loisel
before she figured out who she was?
She was disgusted and surprised because a “poor” woman knew her.
 What was Mme Forestier’s raciton when the necklace was
Nonchalant – she said something about “what if I had actually
needed it?” She tries to act like she cares about the necklace, but she
Reading Questions
 Do you think Mme Loisel recognized good quality
jewelry? Explain.
No; she thought the necklace was real but it was a fake. She
was a “wanna be.”
 Why was Mathilde unhappy with her life at the
opening of the story?
Nothing was ever good enough; she thought she deserved to
life a royal life.
Reading Questions
 Do you think M. Loisel enjoyed the ball? Why?
 Yes – because his wife was finally happy. No – because he was
bored by the “show” everyone was putting on.
 How did M. Loisel contribute to the cost of the new
He went to loan sharks, borrowed money, sold things, moved,
worked odd jobs and fired his maid.