The Windmill Farmer

The Windmill Farmer
Teachers Notes
This slide show can be used on the IWB and as sheets.
Pages 3 – 21 Can be used to discuss key points in the story. Children can write descriptive paragraphs
to retell each scene.
Page 22 Can be used independently for children to retell the story orally once they have rearranged
them into the correct narrative order.
Page 23 Can be used to discuss how the farmer is feeling at key points. The children can use a
thesaurus to find ‘Wow’ words to label the feelings rather than happy, sad etc.
Page 24 – A task sheet to use when introducing pupils to writing using bias, children can write from two
opposite points of view.
I can use bias in my writing
Write a letter from the farmer to his friend
writing about his precious windmills. How
does he feel about them? He thinks they
enhance the landscape, can you show this in
your writing?
The farmer’s neighbour thinks that the
windmills are spoiling his view of the hills.
Can you write a letter to the council from the
farmer’s neighbour complaining about the