Arab-Israeli Conflict

Aim: What events led to the ongoing conflict
between Jews & Muslims?
Do Now: How would your life be different if you
lived in a place that suffered from weekly terrorist
HW: Come up with a realistic peace plan for the
Arab-Israeli Conflict.
I. Reason for conflict
A. Palestinians – Arabs who had lived in the area of
Israel for 2000 years forced to move
B. Palestinians that remained forced to live in camps to
make room for Jews
C. Jerusalem is holy land to 3 major faiths
D. Jews and Muslims each want to control Jerusalem
II. Effects of creation of Israel
A. Palestinians became refugees in other countries
throughout the middle east.
Map of Palestinian Refugees
According to the map, what was one result of the
creation of Israel?
B. Terrorism is a
constant threat in Israel
C. Israel Puts up a wall around Palestinian areas to
prevent terrorist from moving into Israeli areas
Arab-Israeli Conflict
Creation of Israel (1947)
1. United Nations decided to partition Palestine between Jews and
2. Jewish state = Israel.
3. Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia & Syria declare war on
II. The Suez Crisis (1956)
1. Egypt gains control of the Suez Canal.
2. Israel (w/ Britain & France) fight for control of the canal.
A. Outside pressure to stop the war.
III. The Six-Day War (1967)
1. Israel strikes Middle Eastern airfields.
2. Arabs backed by the Soviets.
3. 15,000 Arabs dead.
IV. Yom Kippur War (1973)
1. Joint Arab attack on Jewish holy day.
2. Creates a truce after a few weeks.