Never Lose A Penny: Be Money Smart - FBLA-PBL

Never Lose A Penny: Be Money
Presenter: Lilith Janel Pulley
FBLA-PBL Conference
Hilton Hotel
Orlando, Fl
Decide To Be Wealthy
Setting Financial Goals
Take Responsibility for Your Money
Win In The Margins: Millionaire Mindset
Give Back: Service Is Golden
Identity: Your Most Valuable Asset
• The future belongs to those who believe in
the beauty of their dreams – Eleanor
• Success is not the result of making
money; making money is the result of
success – James Arthur Ray
• Fortune befriends the bold. – VIRGIL, The
Aeneid, Translated by John Dryden
Decide To Be Wealthy
• Look in the Mirror
– Declare your intention by saying it
aloud: “Today I decide to be
• The wealthy understand the principles of
accumulating wealth and live them
– Keep A Portion of Everything You Earn
• Money will never make you happy; but it
will make you comfortable
• Who wants to be a millionaire?
Setting Financial Goals
• Write down how much you spend daily
– “There was a time when a fool and his money
were soon parted, but now it happens to
everybody.” – Adlai E. Stevenson
• Budget your monthly expense
– Spend wisely
• Write down your dreams and you are
more likely to achieve them
– “Money is not required to buy one necessity of
the soul.” – Henry David Thoreau
Take Responsibility for Your Money
• Put at least $1 and any loose change
away each day
– “You can’t touch this.” – M.C.
• Add “savings” to your spending plan
• Check to see if your employer has direct
• Are you just about to pay off a loan?
Keep paying, but PAY YOURSELF
• Give up costly habits
Win In The Margins:
Develop a Millionaire Mindset
• Know How Much Money You Have
– Carefully consider each expenditure
• Know Where Your Money Comes From
– Earn Extra Income
• Know Where Your Money Is Going
– Freedom & Power are better than momentary
• Know What Your Money Is Doing
– Are you earning interest or paying it?
• Savings
– Protect the nest egg
– The Power of Compound Interest
Give Back: Service Is Golden
• Volunteer
• Give Generously
• Life is Not About Money
All you have shall some day be given;
Therefore give now, that the season of
Giving may be yours and not your
inheritors’. – Kahlil Gibran
• Find a reputable agent/broker
• Contribute to your company 401(k) plan or
403(b) for matching opportunities
• Do a financial check up one a year
• Realize all economic decisions involve
opportunity costs
• Money Market/Savings/CD Accounts
– Roth IRA, IRA Deposit Accounts
• Life Insurance/Annuity Policy
Identity: Your Most Valuable Asset
ID Theft Quiz
Envision Your Dreams
See How You Are Doing
Applaud Yourself
“Too many people spend money they
haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t
want, to impress people they don’t like.”
– Will Smith
Summary: Never Lose A Penny
• Are You Money Smart?
– A Matter of Knowledge and Choice
• Goal Planning
• Do Not Equate Spending With Happiness
– “The problem of our age is the proper
administration of wealth.” – Andrew
• Bequeath it in your will for public purposes
• Leave it to your family
• Share it during your lifetime for public
• The 5 Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me
by Richard Paul Evans
• The Millionaire Mindset by James
Arthur Ray
Questions Conclusion
Thank You
Lilith Janel Pulley
[email protected]
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