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Water Conservation Crossword Puzzle Answers 201312310948356996

Need a Hint? Find the answers below:
Water is a natural resource we use every day. Because we depend on water for our survival, it is important
to use water wisely. The world is covered with water, but pollution, drought (period of time without rainfall),
or location, can make it so water is not always available for use. You can protect water by using it wisely.
Practice conservation to reduce the total amount of water you use in your home during shortages. Always use
water efficiently so you can accomplish more with the same amount of water. Water efficiency includes turning
off the water when you brush your teeth, checking for leaks around the house, running loads of laundry and
dishes only when you have a full load, and never using the toilet as a trashcan. Conserve: WATER U waiting 4?
How many times is the word “water” used in the Hint? ____12_____
Athens-Clarke County
Water Conservation Office