Why do people do extreme sports?

Урок в 7 классе
За підручником О.Карпюк.
Учитель англiйськоi мови
Ерошкiна Н.I.
The aims of the lesson
• Introduction of extreme kinds of sport
• Learning new words and expressions
• To develop reading,speaking and
listening skills
• Discussion of positive and negative
factors of extreme sports
• Work in groups
• What extreme sports do you know?
• Why do people do extreme sports?
• Can you understand risk-takers?
Ice climbing
Whitewater rafting
Scuba diving
Bunjee jumping
To protest against smth
To acquire self-confidence
To overcome difficulties
To satisfy their curiosity
Useless and silly
For thrill and excitement
Why do people go in for risky sports?
To satisfy
their curios ity
For the thrill
and excitement
To overcome
To protest
against something
To acquire
To be strong
and brave
Positive and negative factors of extreme
is associated with injures.
Is possibility to become famous.
is bad / good for health.
gives a chance to see the whole world.
educates a strong will.
helps overcome difficulties.
gives a chance to find a lot of friends.
helps earn a lot of money.
is dangerous / exciting.
It is like a drug. The more they do them the more
they want to do it again;
• It is a possibility to show how strong and
courageous they are.
• When I do it all my personal problems go away.
Language support
As for me I am not a risk-taker
I think that…
To my mind …
In my opinion …
I agree …
I can t agree …
• - Can we consider these activities to be sports?
• - Which of them do you think is most enjoyable?
• - Which of them do you think is most difficult to
• - Which of these sports are often shown on
• - Do you think any of these sports are suitable for
• - Which of these extreme sports would you most
and least like to do?
• - What is the reason for the changing nature of
modern sports?
Read through the statements and choose
the right item.
1. People do extreme sports in order to feel
a. excited
b. nervous
c. happy
2. Extreme sports have become popular in the last
a. 5 years
b. 10 years
с 20 years
3. People usually bungee jump from
a. aeroplanes
b. high buildings
c. bridges
4. In sky surfing people do mid-air
a. gymnastics
b. dancing
с swimming
5. Snowboarding is a land alternative to
a. skiing
b. surfing
с canoeing
6. For white-water rafting you need
a. big river
b. a warm river
c. a mountain
What kinds of sport are they?
• A. The sport is enjoyed by people of
all ages and both sexes. Everybody
who enjoys the water and can swim
and have no health problems, can
learn to do it. Your need is the desire,
plus basic studying and in-water
training. You need an apparatus which
helps you breathe under the water.
• B. This kind of sport is for people who
like extra risk on the rivers. They use
unsinkable boats for their trips down
the rivers. The sport has become the
modern day centerpiece for outdoor
• C. It is a land alternative to surfing. It
was developed in California in the
1960th and became a craze in the
1970s. The sport is practiced on a
board mounted on wheels. Since
1980s it has become an extreme sport
rather than a hobby, because they
practice ramp and rail.
• D. It is jumping from a great height
while attached to a long piece of
elastic that it is short enough to
prevent the jumper from hitting the
• E. People climb glaciers with ice axe
and a great deal of other equipment.
They must have physical and mental
strength and the ability to work
closely with other team members in
the most dangerous situations.
• F. It is jumping with a parachute out of
an airplane for recreation or in
competitions. Competitive events
include jumping for style, landing with
accuracy, and making free-fall
• G. It is the latest adventure experience
from New Zealand. It involves rolling
about in a ball, three meters in
diameter. People hurtle downhill at
speed of 50 kms per hour. The sport
requires no more skill than a hamster
running in its wheel as centrifugal
force keeps the man pinned inside.
• - Is it good/bad to participate in extreme
• - Do you agree that all of them are sports?
• - What attracts people to extreme sports?
• - Have you ever tried any unusual sports?
• - What qualities or strengths do people need
to participate in extreme sports?
• - What is your opinion on taking risks?
To retell about one of the extreme
To learn new words