SRE Orientation - Children`s Ministry

Enrolling in SRE
The enrolment form
Parents need to identify which religion they choose
for their child on the school ENROLMENT FORM.
If you choose “No Religion” then your child will not
attend Special Religious Education (SRE) classes.
SRE and your Child
For the SRE classes available at this school see the
back of the SRE and your Child pamphlet.
Christian Special Religious Education (SRE) classes
introduce children to Jesus, the Bible and
Children learn about other faiths and cultures in
General Religious Education (GRE) which is part of
normal classroom lessons.
Why choose SRE?
There are many benefits of choosing SRE
Benefit 1: Education
SRE helps parents educate
their children in matters of
SRE encourages children
to embrace the Golden
Rule: Treat others as you
would have them treat you.
SRE teachers model what
it means to live according
to a faith.
Benefit 2: Spirituality
SRE classes are a place
to ask the spiritual
questions like:
Is God real?
Can I see God?
Sometimes parents and
classroom teachers feel
ill-equipped to answer
these questions.
Benefit 3: People of faith
SRE teachers are
 generally enthusiastic volunteers
 loving and respectful – good people for children to
spend time with.
Benefit 4: Bible Literacy
Bible stories
 enrich our understanding of the
English language and literature
 explore the geography and history
of the Middle East
 illustrate the Christian values
underlying Australian society.
Benefit 5: God’s love
The words of the Bible are known
to bring comfort and challenge.
They are heard at Anzac Day
services, funerals and weddings.
During SRE lessons children will
deepen their understanding of
God’s love for them.
Benefit 6: Prayer
Children learn about prayer.
Other than church or Sunday
School, which many children
don’t get a chance to experience,
SRE classes are a place where
prayer can take place naturally as
part of the lesson.
Who are the teachers?
SRE teachers are
Some are priests, pastors
and ministers.
All SRE teachers are
members of local churches,
often working together to
teach a whole school.
It is a requirement that
SRE teachers have child
protection training.
What do the children learn?
The basics of the Christian religion.
They will hear the main stories of the Bible during
their years in primary school.
Most teachers use educational curriculum
professionally produced by church agencies.
Lessons include activities such as:
Music and drama
Storytelling and puppets
Colouring in, puzzles and games.
How do I find out more?
You are welcome to ask the SRE teacher.
You can look at the material on display today.
You can attend special assemblies at Christmas and