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In your presentation, you will:
*Create a slide show in Power Point, which covers the following:
-the event you chose
-the causes of this event (things leading up to it)
-the event itself and its impacts on the people and/or society
-the importance of this event to the nationalism of its country
-a clear, detailed bibliography of all sources used
Manitoba Act of 1870
Tawnisha Hennessey
What was it?
The Manitoba Act of 1870 was when
Manitoba was declared the fifth province
of Canada! Lucky!
How did it happen?
The Manitoba act had more to it than the title leads on. To make this act
possible, we had to go through the Red River Rebellion.
The Red River Rebellion was naturally a conflict between the Hudson’s Bay
Company and the Métis people.
The HBC sold the Red River area to the Dominion of Canada in 1869, this
didn’t go over too well with the Métis people, which led to a battle.
The Red River battle was led by Louis Riel.
What Happened?
• In the end of the
rebellion, the Métis were
given land grants and
scrip’s, but a large
amount of the Métis
ended up selling their
land for a fraction of it’s
worth and Manitoba was
In the end….
Although the Canadian government recognized the "rights" of the people of
Red River in negotiations in Ottawa that spring, the victory was limited. A
new province called Manitoba was created by the MANITOBA ACT, its
territory severely limited to the old boundaries of the settlement, whereas
the vast North-West remained firmly in Canadian hands. – The Canadian