Make Your Own Designer Natural
Soaps & Shampoo
1-Day Fun Hands-On Workshop for Adults
Hands-On Practices
 How to Make attractive Natural Bar Soap
 Making Specialty Natural Bar Soaps
Citrus Soaps & Fruity Soaps
 Making Your Own Herbal Liquid Bath Soap
 All Natural Laundry Skin-Friendly Detergent
 Fun Gift-Makings
Ingredients for Healthy Skin
pH of your Soap & Skin Health
Basic Soap-Making Techniques
Using Glycerin & Organic Herbs
Melt & Mould Designer Soap
Transparent Soap Bases
Organic Liquid Soap & Shampoo
Adding Natural Fragrance
Colour Ideas & Techniques
Making Designers Natural Soap Gifts
Benefits of Essential Oils, Herbs & Fruits
Natural Ingredients for Hair Care
Natural Citrus Bar Soaps
Natural Liquid Bath Soap
Natural Laundry Detergent
Workshop Presenter
Joanne Ng is the founder of Gardens With Purpose. Joanne is
top Organic Gardening Trainer with lots of hands-on experience
in the Gardens. She has trained over 8000 Singaporeans on
Gardening-related workshops. Joanne is also very passionate
about creating innovative Organic Herbal products and Lifestyle.
She loves teaching and she is very good at making difficult
concepts easier to understand. Joanne received many praises
and thank-you’s from participants, …… her workshops are
popularly known to be ‘fun to learn and learned a lot”.
Dates :
Free Soap-Making Starter Kit
Worth $48
0.3 Kg of Milky Glycerin Soap Base, 0.3 Kg of
Transparent Glycerin Soap Base, 3-Color Set, 100%
Pure Herbal Essential Oil 5ml, , 100% Pure Fragrance
Essential Oil 5ml, 1 Silicon Mold, 90ml bottle of
Shampoo and packaging material
Fee :
S$128* per Person
Time :
10am-4pm, at Toh Orchids Farm
84 Sungei Tengah (Venue May Change)
Company : _________________________________________________________________
Registration Form
Address : _______________________________________________________S(
Kindly register and confirm us for the Camp :
21 Mar 2015 Sat or 25 Apr 2015 Sat
*Includes Workshop Materials, Packed Lunch &
Transport from Choa Chu Kang MRT
to Toh Orchids Farm
Contact Tel : 6546 5801 or [email protected]
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eMail your Info or Mail Your Registration Form together with Cheque to :
Gardens With Purpose, 6 Jalan Serengam, Singapore 769410
Payment can also be done through many Government Giro arrangement or MOE-IFAAS.
Registration can only be Confirmed Upon Full Payment.
No Cancellation is allowed. Substitute Participant will be accepted.
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