Classroom Discipline Training PowerPoint

Dan Stanley
Training Coordinator
National Christian
Education Department
What Is A Disciplined Classroom?
• Discipline is related to Disciple
– discere = “to learn”
– Creating an environment in which a
person can learn about Jesus
– Our call is to make disciples
What Is A Disciplined Classroom?
• What Discipline is Not
– Discipline is not necessarily quiet
– Discipline is not punishment
– Discipline is not a trick
What Is A Disciplined Classroom?
• What Discipline Should Be
– An environment of mutual respect
– A sign of love
– The groundwork upon which
discipleship is built
Mistakes Teachers Make
• Blaming the class
• Being mean
• Labeling students
• Not thinking through the
Positive Steps Towards Discipline
• Be an example of discipline
– Maintain the same standards in your life
that you expect from your students
– Submitting to authority
– Come to class on time
– Come prepared for class
Positive Steps Towards Discipline
• Be consistent
– We’re born with God’s law on our hearts
– Treat all students the same
– Use the same rules that were used the
week before
– Post the rules of the class
– What kind of “consequences” can
teachers enforce?
Positive Steps Towards Discipline
• Encourage disciplined behavior
– A disciplined classroom cannot exist solely
on confronting negative behavior
– Encouraging discipline is harder
– Catch your students engaging in
disciplined behavior
– One of your goals is to see discipline
become normal behavior
Positive Steps Towards Discipline
• Build relationships
– Start building relationships immediately
– Memorize the names of your students
– Do your best to be understanding
– If punishment is required, reassure the
student afterwards
– Show that you care about them outside of
Positive Steps Towards Discipline
• Plan a disciplined schedule
– That’s not to say there should be no
time for joy and freedom
– Plan your class time well
– Give your class plenty of warning when
it’s time to move to the next activity
Positive Steps Towards Discipline
• Rely on the power of prayer
– God’s power is available for teachers
– Pray for your class each week
– We serve a faithful God!
Some concluding thoughts
• Other Resources
– The Discipline Guide for Children’s Ministry by
Jody Capehart
– Essentials of Discipline by James Dobson
– StepONE guides from GPH
– Please Don’t Sit on the Kids by Clare Cherry
– Teaching with Heart by Jody Capehart
– Growing a Healthy Children’s Ministry by Steve
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