Handling Mistakes Steps 2


Humanness – Step 1

• Be honest with yourself and admit you made a mistake. Think about it and decide what you did to cause this mistake to happen. Every time you make a mistake, if you look carefully, you’ll find that you did something to cause it, you need know what to do differently next time so you can do it more effectively.

Step 2: Decide What to Do

Create a solution by deciding what to do about the mistake.

1. What specifically can you do to fix the problem?

2. Figure out what you will do next time you are in a similar situation so you won’t make the same mistake again.

Step 3: Tell Others Involved who were affected by your mistake.

Let them know you recognize that they have experienced some inconvenience, difficulty, or problem because of your mistake.

Then state what you did to cause the mistake starting the statement w/ “I”.

Tell them what you plan to do to fix the situation.

Conclude with telling them what you plan to do next time to avoid making the mistake.

Step 4: Walk the talk………..

DO what you decided and said you would do!

Making your actions consist with your words; maintaining person integrity.

Handling Mistakes


ADMIT IT TO YOURSELF What you did to cause it (I....)


DECIDE WHAT TO DO To fix this situation To do it more effectively next time


  

TELL OTHERS INVOLVED You recognize inconvenience caused Say what you did to cause it (I....) Say how you’ll fix this situation Say how you’ll do it more effectively next time.

4. DO IT