Mass and Weight

DE Science Elementary
“5-Minute Prep” for
Properties of Matter
Mass and Weight
Mass and Weight – The Big Ideas
All matter has mass and takes up space.
Gravity produces weight based on the mass of an object.
On Earth, a scale measures mass of matter.
In space with no gravity present, an object has mass but
no weight.
• Liquids have mass.
• Air and other gases have mass.
• The mass of any object or material is equal to the sum of
the mass of its parts.
Mass and Weight – Prior Knowledge
Students often confuse mass and weight. It will help for
students to use the FUN-damental, What’s the Matter, to
review mass and weight. It will be helpful if students have
been measured when they step on a scale at the doctor’s
office or at home.
Mass and Weight – Common Misconceptions
• Mass and weight are the same and they are equal at all
– Reality: On Earth, a scale measures mass of matter, but in
space without any gravity present, an object has mass but no
• Gases do not have mass.
– Reality: Gases are matter, which means they have mass and
occupy space.
Mass and Weight – Using DE Science Content
When you close this presentation, you can review the
following recommended resources for Mass and Weight.
• Exploration: Mass and Weight
• Reading Passage: Camels in Space
• Video: Gravity and Mass
• Video: Measuring Gases
Use the PowerPoint version of this presentation for
hyperlinks to these resources or you can get to them
through the browser or search feature.
Mass and Weight – Instructional Ideas
• Blow up one balloon fully and another balloon half way
for each pair of students.
– Have each pair of students place the balloons on the end of a
long dowel and then hang the dowel from the center to measure
the weight in a mock scale.
– Ask students to describe what they have observed.
– Then, have students explain either verbally or in writing why the
two balloons are not balanced.
Mass and Weight – Instructional Ideas
• As a class and after exploring the video and exploration,
construct a concept map of mass.
– Make sure that students include and branch out concepts
involving gravity as well as each state of matter.
State Standards:
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and Weight, click here to get to the curriculum standards
search feature of DES.
You can click on any standard to see what resources are
available to teach it.
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