EDU Summit - Drupal in Education Summit

Everything is
(or should be planned as)
a distribution!
Bryan Ollendyke
Wed you should check out..
Dear Edtech,
ELMSLN is here
And it wants to replace
your vendors.
Bryan Ollendyke
•Bryan Ollendyke
•Happy father of two, husband of one
•Penn State, College of Arts and Architecture’s e-Learning Institute
•Drupal developer since ’07
•Commits to 76 d.o. projects
~2k commits (github way more)
•More popular contrib
•Constantly automating job out of existence
@btopro from twitter
•What is a distribution vs Install profile
•Why you need Profiler Builder
•Ways to manage lots of profiles / distributions
•Turning a site into a profile
•Random examples
Skip ahead
(you all have devices)
– All things ELMS Learning Network
– Shameless plug
– lots of great articles
– Shameless plug for PSU’s community 
How can I play?
–How the team collaborates
–Recommended distribution for PSU Drupal usage
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What is an install profile?
•Drupal Flavor / install routine
•Enable these modules
•Use this theme
•Run this php
•What can I include?
•Custom modules / features
•Custom themes
•Custom libraries
install profile
What is a Distribution
•Drush / “Make” files
•This defines everything that should be downloaded
•Install profile
•And all the stuff in it
•Contrib Modules
•Contrib Themes
•From d.o. and non-d.o. sources
Distributions on d.o
•Everything must be GPL v2
•Leads to licensing hell
•External libraries this can be problematic
•External libraries must clear a “packaging whitelist”
•Some modules include .make files (which it spiders)
•I package everything on github nicely
• there’s manual work to run my distros
Think of every site as
a new distribution
{what the last talk was saying!}
Name space everything
View displays / pages / feeds
Feature names
Field names
context / panel names
ANY machine names of any kind!
Profiler Builder
Profiler Builder
•Build out site, then make it a profile
•Looks at what’s enabled and creates install profile
•Reverts all enabled features automatically
•Robust API for adding and excluding items from builds
•Sniffs out patches / libraries and auto adds them to make files!
•Produces multiple make files
•Make file, make file specific to d.o., make file for local development
•Drush support
•Cooks, cleans and spit shines your shoes
Also.. Profiler Builder
•Always get dev
Ways to manage
lots of profiles / distributions
•Drush Sym-link manager
•Alternate method of
–Multisite management
–Install profile management
•Support for multiple versions of Drupal (minor and major)
Graphic credit Penn State, CC SA 4.0
•“A Distribution of Distributions” - @nicxvan
•DSLM for multiple Drupal “Stacks” in same package
– APC optimization
•Cleaner devops to repo management when lots of repos
•Structure similar to D8
– core directory you no touch!
•Symlinks help abstract config from code
•Supports more then just Drupal
Photo credit Bryan Ollendyke, CC SA 4.0
Dear Edtech,
ELMSLN is here
And it wants to replace
your vendors.
Bryan Ollendyke
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