Emergency Food Assistance Program EFAP 101

Emergency Food
Assistance Program
EFAP 101
What is the EFAP program?
The Emergency Food Assistance Program is
federally and state funded food program
which distributes USDA commodities to
nonprofit and government agencies. These
agencies in turn distribute commodities to
qualified individuals/families free of charge.
All agencies must comply with federal, state,
local and EFAP regulations in order to
maintain their EFAP participation.
EFAP Agreement
Participating EFAP agencies must
have a current EFAP agreement on file
with the Los Angeles Regional
Foodbank. The agreement states the
EFAP policies that must be kept in
order to remain a participating agency.
Failure to comply with the agreement
will place your agency account on hold
or possibly suspension or termination.
EFAP Policies
Clients are never asked to donate money or time in
exchange for EFAP commodities.
The only requirement to receive EFAP commodities is
to self certify using the income guidelines.
Clients sign the EFAP sign-in sheet.
Agencies that ask clients to complete an application or
intake interview in order to receive food must advise
clients it is not a requirement in order to receive EFAP
commodities only.
Agencies cannot conduct political or religious activitiy
in conjunction with food distribution.
Income Guidelines &
Sheet
Signs that need to be posted
during EFAP distributions
Storage Area Requirements
 Clean
 Free from infestation
 Commodities stored at suggested holding
 Commodities stored three inches off the
floor and away from the wall
 Stored against theft, spoilage, misuse
and loss
EFAP Reporting
 Agencies must submit a Household
Participation report to the Foodbank by the 5th
business day of the month for the previous
 Agencies must submit a Perpetual Inventory
report to the Foodbank by the 5th business day
of the month for the previous month.
 Failure to submit reports on time will place your
account on hold until received.
EFAP Monthly Reports
EFAP Files
 EFAP monthly reports, Foodbank
invoices and EFAP sign-in sheets must
be kept at the EFAP distribution site.
 Files must be kept for fours years.
EFAP Training
 EFAP training is available at the
Foodbank on a regular basis.
 Two people from each EFAP participation
agency must be trained in EFAP policies.
Who can Apply?
 Only Emergency Feeding Organizations
(EFO) that currently participate in TEFAP
and have been participating in TEFAP since
at least September 30, 2009 are eligible to
apply. EFOs that began participating in
TEFAP on October 1, 2009 or later are not
eligible to apply. The applicant must include
with its application a letter certifying the
applicant's participation in TEFAP
 Allowable Uses of Funding
 Funding may be used to carry out activities of
the EFO as long as funds are used for a
federally allowable TEFAP administrative
expense per 7 CFR Part 251. If an applicant is
from a State that further restricts allowable
TEFAP administrative expenses, allowability
will be determined based on Federal
regulations, not State-specific policy. Food
purchases will not be considered.
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