Paul Revere PowerPoint

Paul Revere
By: Chase Everson
What Made Him/Her Famous
On April 18,1775 Paul made his most famous
ride. He warned patriots that the British
army was coming. The patriots were ready
to fight when the British came.
Birth Information
Location of Birth: Massachusetts
Interesting Fact About Childhood: Paul
grew up in Boston. He went to school until
he was 13. Then he worked in his father ‘s
silversmith shop.
Interesting Fact # 1
Paul joined the Massachusetts army when
he was 21 (which was in 1756). He fought
with other British colonists against the
French army.
Interesting Fact # 2
Paul helped plan the Boston Tea Party in
1773. The Boston Tea Party was when the
Boston patriots dumped British tea into the
Boston Harbor.
Interesting Fact # 3
Paul was also a part time dentist with two
wives and he fathered 16 children.
Interesting Fact # 4
Paul Revere made tea sets and spoons.
Interesting Fact # 5
Paul became a messenger for the other
British colonies. Paul told the British
colonies about the Boston tea party.
Interesting Fact # 6
Paul manufactured gunpowder and
cannons for the Continental Army, printed
the country's first money, and commanded
Castle William at Boston Harbor.
Death Information
Date of Death: May 10, 1818
Reason for Death: From natural causes