Creating a Positive Safety Culture and Outstanding Safety

Creating a Positive Safety Culture
and Outstanding Safety Performance
Jim O’Dell
Safety Manager,
Kipper Tool Company
(C) Jim O'Dell 2013
Is your Safety something like this?
• Safety Professional since 2002
• Helped change the culture of two vastly different
• Both are award-winning and share World Class
• Safe downsize and eventual closure of previous
employers’ local location
• Compassionate for people
Metrics of each
• 2001: 4 REC (1 DART)
• 2002: 6 REC (2 DART)
• 2003 – 2007: 1 REC each year local (helped improve
North American region safety 87%)
2007: 19 REC (6 DART)
2008: 26 REC (3 DART)
2009: 3 REC (1 DART)
2010 – 2012: 1 REC
Industry average: 6.2 REC
EMR below 1% three years running
Dates of last events:
Aug 29, 2011 REC
Sept 15, 2009 DART
Common ground
Safety Culture…Engage!
First steps
• Thorough inspection of facility
• Talking directly with workers
– Letting them know you are accessible
• Review the past; identify top three needs
• Report to directors immediate needs
First steps
• Communication
– More Communication
–More Communication!
• What type is key!
• How it is presented is key!
• Have fun and be serious
• Monday – Compliance based or significant safety
event regionally
• Wednesday – Comical unsafe photos with
• Thursday – Health and Wellness
• Friday – ‘Darwin Award’ type along with
• Each brings with it a TAKE 2-ish message, and
brings it back to what we do here,
and quite often, to home
First steps continued
• New Hire Orientation – personally
• Training
– Select training dates monthly
– Stick to schedule (make it accessible)
– Know the audience
– Managers and/or 19 yr olds?
• Style matters
– Interactive, high-energy, graphic at first
– Always bring it back to home, always
First steps continued
• Track and champion improvements
• Coaching employees vs. telling them
– Positive sandwich
– Why it matters personally to them
– Have empathy though be firm
• Disciplinary Action
Significant impact events
• Safety Glasses requirement
– Put on safety
• Cut Resistant Gloves
– Why it is important to have fingers!
• Root Cause Analysis of each first aid / close call
– Post findings and share with huddle meetings
– To prevent future occurrence
• Emergency planning
– Get home each and every day
Significant impact events
• Track safe days
• Celebrate first milestone
– Invite family members,
partners, local CoC members
and your WC rep!
– Get prizes for FREE!
– Put in local media
• Celebrate next milestones
Significant impact events
Have FUN!
Hazard Communication /
Globally Harmonized System
Have FUN!
In the spirit of the Olympic Games, we will
have a Safety Olympics August 1st and 2nd if
needed. You will have to put on your thinking
caps as we ask questions from safety training
sessions over the past year.
Not as hard as Jeopardy, though!
To be a Kipper Tool Safety Olympian,
just answer a couple of questions and
demonstrate a safe work habit and you’ll
be ‘labeled’ as a safety Olympian while at
the same time, showing your spirit for
Team USA!
Training requires thought and safe work practices!
Until then…Train hard!
Have FUN!
Health Fairs at NO COST
Silly Socks for Safety (yes it works for adults, too)
Costume days, tailgate parties, dragonboat
Random prizes, Jeopardy!, weird facts
Making fun (and giving) of yourself, too!
Have FUN!
• We are the spark though our actions
• We must interact in fun ways
• We set the tone
– ‘Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude. I like fun’
- Colleen Barrett
– ‘I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I
may be’. - Martha Washington (1732 - 1802)
Free Resources
Ongoing efforts
Safety leaders at floor level
‘I care about you’ cards
‘Story-telling’ as part of training
‘Meerkat’ safety (interdependence)
More at-home safety and
health messages
• Always coaching and reporting
Share the good news
200 days
Calendar year
500 days
750 days
1000 days
Question and Answer
Thank you for your time!
I hope this was a valuable resource.
Jim O’Dell
[email protected]
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