2012-05-23 Improved Process Map

Map last updated: May 23, 2012
Improved Process Map for: Managing the Municipal Alliance Grant
Bob receives electronic grant
application from the County
Draft a resolution
of support for the
grant application
for Town Council
Get the
resolution on the
council’s meeting
Attend the
council meeting
to ensure
resolution passes
For first quarter only County sends Quarterly
report forms for the entire
year (including pre-filled
budget) in April
Print out blank application (like to
have a paper copy to refer to)
Review application from last year to
see what can be updated rather
than rewritten – write & edit on a
copy of last year’s application rather
than handwriting everything from
Once Bob has reviewed each
section, he updates the template
text (from last year’s application)
and copy/pastes into the new
application form on the computer
Save electronic copies of each
section of the application to serve
as a template in future (in Word, to
allow copy/pasting into next year’s
Programs run
Bob updates checklist to
include all the data, forms,
and info that he will need
from each program for
each reporting quarter
Save electronic copies of
these reporting forms to
Municipal Alliance grant
files folder on computer
Bob mails or delivers PO
to program
Bob calls / emails Finance with the list of
employee names and date ranges for
which he needs the payroll register (but
not for police - gives average salary)
Financial sends
files to Bob
Bob mails 3 signed hard-copy originals of
the application to the county
Bob saves an electronic copy of the application
Programs get
Bob reviews checklist on the outside of
the folder for this grant reporting quarter
Bob copy/pastes template message into email,
updates the message to request the items that the
program hasn’t yet submitted (based on checklist),
and sends email to the program. When sending
multiple emails, copy and update the message
from the first email, rather than retyping.
Bob places data, bills, and info received
into the manila folder for the relevant
grant quarter and marks the checklist
on the outside of the folder
Program sends
requested items to
Bob (email or paper)
Bob reviews and updates
template reporting text (from
previous years / quarters)
Verify program
logic models
are accurate
Update program
narratives &
service data as
Programs send program
bills to Bob (ongoing,
email or paper)
Bob enters bill data into
the finance system and
authorizes payment
Bob sticks the checklist for
each quarter to the manila
folder that will hold that
quarter’s paperwork
Print 3 copies of the
Bob walks the application copies around Town Hall for
signatures / approvals (Hard copy needed because state
requires original signatures – Bob uses yellow post-its to
show where to sign, have to sign 3 copies)
Programs send
program data to
Bob (ongoing,
email or paper)
Verify evidence
based practice
text is accurate
Save electronic copies of all sections as
templates for future reports
Copy/paste all reporting sections into the
appropriate reporting forms from the County
and save an electronic copy of the report
Print hardcopies of all POs, hourly time
reports, bills, HO time and payroll register,
with names / hourly rates / hours worked
Fill in budget forms by hand,
then on the computer (and save
an electronic copy of the file)
Email completed budget forms
to each program & the finance
officer for signature
Collect signed budget forms from
programs and finance officer
Print a hardcopy of
the report
Mail hard copy of all
reporting forms and
backup info to County
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