Card B Unit Kickoff Powerpoint

So why Camp Cards?
• Great way to keep the program going
• Helps keep Troop/Pack going
• Helps the individual Scout
• Improves Scout communication skills
• Improves Scout Ownership of Scouting program
Setting sales goal to pay for
• Scouts and parents that understand that sales =
program will be motivated to sell…
– Cub Scouts
TNAW $20 = 10 cards sold
Pinewood Derby Car $4 = 2 cards sold
Tiger Crossing Weekend $16 = 8 cards sold
Beach Trip with Ice Cream Party $10 = 5 cards sold
Bowling Trip $8 = 4 cards sold
Week of Day Camp: $95 = 48 cards sold
Cub Halloween Weekend $16 = 8 cards sold
• Know your program and costs and then set your
goals to pay for the program through the card sales
2015 Camp Card Details
McDonalds is back!
Sonny’s back again with good ……
Jiffy Lube adds $10 off and 10% off bill
Tijuana Flats, Sports Authority, Mission Inn, Gators
Dockside and Little Caesars are all new sponsors
• More “Show and Sell” location opportunities
Card B
Card B- One time use
Lake and Osceola Counties
• Sports Authority
– $10 off $50 Purchase
• Sonny’s BBQ
– $5 off $25 Purchase
• Tijuana Flats
– $5 off $20 Purchase
• McDonalds
– Free Happy Meal with Purchase of Extra Value Meal
Card B- Renewable use
Lake and Osceola Counties
• McDonalds
– BOGO Big Mac (4 dollar value)
– Egg McMuffin Sandwich
• Jiffy Lube
– $10 off oil change or 10% off all Services
• Gators Dockside
– 10% off all food purchases
• Little Caesars
– Free Crazy Bread with purchase of 2 pizzas
• Mission Inn Resort
– $5 off Saturday Buffet or Sunday Brunch, 15% off Golf and
New added benefit to Cards
• Online $5 for $50 Option
• One free use with purchase of card:
Shopping & Grocery
Health & Beauty
Home & Garden
After using that offer customers will still have access to the Web-Site and Discount Offer Database and be
able to PURCHASE An ADDITIONAL “$5for$50”™ Savings Program. They have 60 Days to use as many
Discount Offers in as many Categories as they choose and maximize their savings. After 60 Days they
can choose to PURCHASE AN ADDITIONAL“$5 for $50”™ or more Savings Program.
What we know…..
Experience tells us…
• Units that have sales goals sell more cards
• Youth and parents that know their sales are going to
pay for more program, are more motivated to sell
• Some Scouts see no benefit of selling cards. (i.e..
ISA, rewards)
• Majority of returns are from Scouts who sold at
Show and Sells but did not sell on their own.
• Less and less door to door sales are happening, but
remain the highest sales volume per hour
• Scouts don’t see or SELL the benefit of the cards
Selling Principles
• What does our current Scout selling message sound
• How can our Scouts have more impact when selling?
Selling Principles cont…
• What Show-n-Sell chances does the 2015 Card
Selling Principals
Selling Principles cont…
• Ask Questions
• Sell features and benefits of sponsors
– Sports Authority- More than get your money back!
– 10% off Gators- Average family of four bill $65.00
– Big Mac-Avg. cost per sandwich $4.50
• Tell them, show them, ask them, close
– Tell them why they are selling the cards and how the card pays
for itself
– Show them, with examples, what you mean
– Ask them if they see the value
– Close- Can I save you 10% off your bill tonight? (show-n-sell)
Prizes and Commission
• Prize orders, unsold cards and balance are due by
April 30th
• If prize order is not turned in, prizes may be delayed or not
• Scouts & Units have an opportunity to earn up to
40% commission on the camp cards!
• In addition to their commission, youth will also
receive prizes/gift cards based on the success of
their sale
• Prize form included in each unit guide
Commission is based on achieving just 3 tasks:
1. 20% Base Commission by placing an order
2. 10% on time settlement (April 30, 2015)
3. 10% Increase your sales by 10% over 2014 OR
Recruit 3 new boys to your unit between Jan 1st
and April 15th.
*****Applications & fees must be turned into District
Executive by April 15th.
Extra Prizes
• Weekly Drawing for Scouts who Sold 20+ CardsNew Raleigh Talus 1.0 Bike
– (9) Winners: Feb 27th, March 6, March 13, March 20, March 27,
April 3, April 10, April 17, April 24th
• Top Selling Scout in each District on March Blitz
Weekend- Tickets and Experience to Orlando City
Soccer Game (Date TBD)
• Top Selling Scout each district during Sale: New
Raleigh Talus 1.0 Bike
Unit Chairs Key to Success
• Set up goals for each youth to sell card to pay for
their program!
– Cub Scouts
TNAW $20 = 10 cards sold
Pinewood Derby Car $4 = 2 cards sold
Tiger Crossing Weekend $16 = 8 cards sold
Beach Trip with Ice Cream Party $10 = 5 cards sold
Bowling Trip $8 = 4 cards sold
Week of Day Camp: $95 = 48 cards sold
Cub Halloween Weekend $16 = 8 cards sold
• Boys and Parents that know their sales will pay for
program will be motivated to sell!
Unit Chairs Keys to Success
• Organize a unit kickoff to sell the cards
• Encourage boys to sell door to door!
– Highest Sales rate
• Participate in Blitz weekends
– March 6-7 and April 25-26
• Help set up Show and Sells
– High traffic areas are best, don’t have to be at a place that is on
the card to sell a lot of them!
• Set up unit incentives and competitions for top
selling boys
Unit Chairs Keys to Success
• New this year! Camp Card Blitz weekends
– March 5-6 Neighborhood Blitz weekend
– April 25-26 Sell out Weekend
Meet as a unit morning of April 25th (Typically Scout Show)
Collect all unsold cards from all scouts, and redistribute to all boys
Blitz neighborhoods and book a show and sell location
Sell until your remaining cards are sold out and you hit your goal
• These two weekends are designed to help you have
growth in your sale and help give your youth more
program in 2015!
Unit Chairs Keys to Success
• Pick up camp cards at February Roundtable
• Talk to your youth throughout the sale to know who
is struggling or doing really well. Share the good
news, help those youth who need it.
• Oversee collection of camp cards, prize forms &
money to be turned in no later than April 30th
• Become an expert so you can be a resource to unit
leaders on all things pertaining to the Camp card
Important Dates
January Roundtable
Sign up to sell cards!
February Roundtable
Camp cards are distributed. The sale begins!
Feb 19-April 30th
Camp Card Sale
March 7-8
Neighborhood Blitz Weekend
March and April Roundtable
April 25-26
Sell out Blitz Weekend
April 30th
Money, Prize Orders and unsold cards are DUE
June Roundtable
Prizes arrive and are distributed
Sales push
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