Universal Credit - Tamworth Borough Council

Universal Credit
Progressive National Rollout
David Wortley, Benefits Manager
01788 533440
What is Universal Credit
• Replaces existing out of work benefits
including Housing Benefit.
• Administered by the DWP - online claims
and telephone based Service Centres.
• Payments made monthly in arrears.
• Role of the Council currently is to support
claimants through the process.
First Customer – “This is brilliant”
agency worker, no longer restricted by the
16 hour limit, therefore able to work for odd
The Claimant Journey
• Submit a claim on-line
• Receive a telephone call / letter from the Service
Centre with appointment at JCP.
• Take all evidence to JCP to support UC claim,
discuss needs for advance payment, alternative
payment or budgetary support.
• All UC queries are directed to Service Centre
• If evidence missing make an appointment via the
Service Centre to take into JCP
The Claimant Journey
• Service Centre make all decisions on alternative
payments and budget support
• First payment will be five weeks after date of
submitting claim
• Changes of circumstances reported to the
Service Centre – any evidence to JCP
• The Council still provide help for payment of
Council Tax
Facts and Figures
• Take up limited to certain claimant groups and
postcodes within the Borough.
• Around 300 claims received to date – vast
majority will be without housing costs
Delivery Partnership
The role of the Council
Help for claimants – claiming and budget
Housing Benefit expertise
Help provided
• 300 claimants claimed UC
• 3 claimants helped to make a claim or get online
• No claimants referred by DWP for budgeting
Helping Claimants make
a claim for UC
• On-line claim form can by accessed from public
PCs in the Town Hall
• All staff have been trained how to use it
• Claimants can telephone the Service Centre
from the Town Hall – not a free call
• Because of the limited claimant group IT access
/ skills has not been an issue
The on-line Claim
• Simple and Clear
• Initial Section to identify claimants who can not
claim UC – if not able to claim UC can not claim
JSA on-line
• On completion they are advised of UC amount
and pay date
Personal Budgeting
• Cases are passed to us from the Service Centre
• To work with individuals to provide support
managing a monthly budget, and if alternative
payment in place to move towards receiving
payment direct and monthly
Personal Budgeting
We are providing the service in-house for the
• More control
• Able to redirect resources
• To gather in-depth information to plan for the
Personal Budgeting
• Created training sessions, workbooks and
support material based on that being used in the
original pathfinders
• Cases involving multiple debt will be handed off
to other agencies.
• No time limit for working with claimants
• Report back to Service Centre with regards to
reviews of alternative payments
• Universal Credit includes help to pay rent
• Payments made to the claimant monthly
• Payment can be made direct to the landlord if
there are arrears
• The Council have no access to information
• www.gov.uk/universal-credit