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Dealer Information
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Dealer benefits
Incremental Sales of Epson printers
From Troika’s UK experience:
• Approximately 40% of End Users buying VersoProof have
purchased a new Epson printer.
• Half of these are upgrades from there older Epson 9000 and 7000
• The remaining 60% have attached VP-E to there existing Epson
Installation and Support benefits
• Typically a full day is chargeable for installation and training at the
customer site.
Dealer benefits
 Standard Epson Inks are used, the additional Epson sales
generate more ink sales.
 VP-E double coated paper is essential for the optimum colour
gamut, achieving contract quality proofs; no distortion of the
papers and good folding capabilities.
 Therefore the Troika duplex papers are used:
• 1030 x 790, 170 gsm Satin Duplex Paper
• List Price £500.00 per pack of 50: £10.00 per sheet
• Dealer discount is 45%, i.e., £275.00 per pack
See info book for latest duplex papers and sizes.
Consumable Sales
VersoProof paper is dual coated, for high absorbance of the ink on one side
and shortly after on the other side.
It has excellent ability to absorb this high volume of ink and can be folded
successfully to make excellent mock-ups or dummies.
A customer using just 25 packs of B1 Satin paper a year will generate
significant profits for Troika dealers. At £225.00 gross profit per pack of 50
sheets that equates to £5,625.00 per customer per year.
If only 10 customers buy VersoProof from you over the next year, that
will generate an incremental gross profit of £56,250.00 for you
that is not insignificant.
VP-E recommended
end user prices
VP-E 44 is suitable for all recent large format Epson printers:
Epson 10600, Epson 10000, Epson 9600
Recommended sale price £4,500.00
VP-E 24 is a size limited version for the Epson 7600
Recommended sale price £3,375.00
 Dealer discount is 25% off list.
 It is recognised the end user price will vary from country to country
due to import duty, dealer margin requirements, and what the
country will bear.
Dealer benefits
Sales of VersoProof
 VersoProof is an intelligent sale, it is not suitable for dealers
who are use to the “Box Shifting”, but needs industry
knowledge and experience.
 Technicians with experience of Industry Standard RIPs is
for list of RIPs see the VP-E Sales Aid.ppt
“why should you make the effort”
Epson command in excess of 80% of the proofing market in North America and
Europe. HP have approximately 10%, and all the others combined to make up the rest.
Percentage market share of Large Format Printers in the
proofing market.
Epson Range
HP Range
HP Range
Epson Range
Duplexing on Epsons give an 8 to 1 greater selling
opportunity over HPs.
Out of the 12 demonstrations at Troika Systems for
duplexing solutions, 1 had been for an automatic
turning solution. That customer had identified the
NEED for automatic turning and could justify it; the
remaining 11 had all decided on VersoProof the
manual turning solution.
• Production requirements
(typically less than 10 duplex proof per day)
• COST (already have the labour to turn the sheet)
• Already have an Epson, or desiring an Epson
(rather than the lower resolution HP printers)
“wow” Is the most commonly heard word at any VersoProof
The most commonly heard statement from potential customers is
“isn't it easy” followed by a commitment to purchase.
The most commonly heard statement form a potential dealer is “I
want to sell this, I have x customers who would want this today”
In the 2 months up to Feb 03, Troika have had a 100% success rate with all
VersoProof demonstrations: resulting in End Users committing to
purchase, or Dealers wanting to sell.
All prospective customers or dealers leave with a folded duplexed proof
and the same proof guillotined and stapled to represent an exact dummy
of the folded proof. Without giving these to the customer the sale will
never be closed.
These represent exactly what the customer is
producing day in day out week after week.
VersoProof compared to
automatic turning solutions
We have established an 11:1 greater opportunity with VersoProof
on the Epson range in comparison to the HP automatic turning
solutions; and at a price customers can afford.
Also, VersoProof is:
A SATISFYING sale, with a high success rate.
The cost of sales is not high
- enhancing profitability.
No additional Large Format Printer support costs, 
And leads to significant, highly profitable duplex paper sales. 
VersoProof for Epson
Dealer information
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