Empowered by God`s Word Providing the Foundation

Empowered 2 Act
Lesson 1: Empowered by God’s Word
Empowerment is not
found from within a
person, but rather from
God and His Word.
Being empowered means
seeking God’s commands
and glorifying Him in our
Providing the Foundation
Take a look at these
pictures. Rank these
people according to
their power.
Real strength comes from God.
God’s Word provides direction.
Motive must be focused on glorifying God.
God’s plan for your life is the best.
God provides forgiveness when we fail.
What do the following book titles have in common: Lose
Thirty Pounds in Two Weeks, How to Meet Your Perfect
Match, Six Steps to Becoming a Millionaire, and
Organizing Your Life for Success?
Why are self-help guides so popular today?
What methods are incorporated by advertisers
to convince you that you need to buy their
What does the word “empowered” mean to you?
In many cases, the world tells you that
you have the power within you, but you
need to find it and release it. Once you
have gained control over that ability, you
have been empowered. What are the
truths and lies about this process?
How is God’s empowerment different than a
humanistic empowerment?
Compare and contrast these two statements:
A. God helps those who help themselves.
B. God has determined the course for our lives
so we can’t do anything about it anyway.
Is the concept of God empowering me just
another way of saying I have no freedom
because God wants me to obey His laws?
At times, I feel a lot of pressure to do sinful
things. How is God’s empowerment going to
help me avoid certain temptations?
Activity: Empowerment Partner
Pick an “Empowerment Partner” who shares
encouragement from God’s Word with you.
Make a point to keep each other focused on
glorifying God in your actions.
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