The Marble-less Librarian & the Brazen Teacher`s Collaborative

The Marble-less Librarian
the Brazen Teacher’s
Collaborative Adventure
Join us in Edmodo – d7fsj9
Sarah Frazier & Amy Heldreth
Harold E Winkler Middle School
Concord, NC
Our Shared Philosophy
We will try anything, without
apologies, to get a student to
read, learn, and grow.
Everything we do is for our kids.
The Catalyst
• Over-whelmed teachers
• Frustrated students
• Over-worked school librarian (or the popular
title of the day)
The Underwear Drawer
Our County’s Approach
• Reader/ Writer’s Workshop model L.7.1
(conventions demonstrated through jots and projects)
• Lucy Calkins Calendar
• Five big sections which scaffold to
acheive RL.7.10 (reading more complex texts)
Section 1 – Launching
Finding Just Right Books
Having a Literary Conversation
RI.7.2, SL.7.1
Building Stamina & becoming a
better reader
Making Connections SL.7.2
Cite Textual Evidence RL.7.1, RI.7.1
Big Ideas and Themes RI.7.2
Prezi at orientation
NC Wise Owl for book selection
Read alikes
Better Displays
More great displays
NC Wiseowl for Book Displays!
NC Wiseowl for Book Displays!
Destiny Lists
Destiny Lists
I don’t know what to read!
The Ugly book hunt
The Fortune teller
The Name game
Read the rainbow
Read alike papers
Into the catalog
Have you checked
your 650 and 655
tags lately?
A wise woman once said…
‘Meet the needs of your users.’
Bea Kovacs
Cataloging Blasphemy
I use the 690 tag
for the benefit
of my students and
658 for the benefit
of my teachers and
my sanity.
OMG! Kid only
Place the box
beside the book
return. Then place
them on a special
book cart or shelf.
Section 2 – Characters & Series
• What influences characters? RL.7.3
• How does a character change?
• What can a character’s
environment, actions, dialogue, and
favorite things tell us? RL.7.3
• How does the character’s
development contribute to the
bigger ideas? (Inferring) RL.7.2
The Series Book
Playing in the records
It’s time to play in the
490 field
Dear Capamifiz,
I am getting in trouble at school all the time. I have dyslexia and
ADD and I just can’t seem to follow the rules. It’s not always my fault
thought. I’m seeing monsters around every corner, monsters that I thought
were only myths. My mom’s tried putting me in different private schools,
but I keep getting kicked out. On top of all this, my dad is MIA. My mom
says he’s a great guy, but I wouldn’t know it. Please help me figure out a
way to just be a normal kid who doesn’t get in trouble.
Yours Truly,
Trouble Teen
But they were not coming…
Time for staff development
Section 3– Non-Fiction &
• Differences between Narrative
and expository SL.7.2
• Subgenres
• Text Aids
• Hybrid Text
• Detecting Bias RI.7.8, RI.7.9, SL.7.3
An attempt at multi-media
So that spawned…
Text Aids
Section 4 – Complex Text
(Historical Fiction) L.7.4
• Which parts are fact and which
are fiction? RL.7.9
• How do we use historical clues?
• What emotions does the author
want to elicit?
• How do literary elements,
especially setting interact to shape
the text? RL.7.3
Historical Fiction
To 12 year olds everything is history. Here are the
clues we worked on:
Mode of transportation
Role of minorities or females
Historical Fiction Virtual Help Box
Dictionary –
The Great Stink
Girls and poverty in Victorian England
Lascars & the East India Company
Historical Fiction Eras
• Trapped between the Lash and the Gun by
• Fallen Angels by Myers
• Witch Child by Rees
• Someone Named Eva by Wolf
• Pink and Say (Civil War)
Section 5 – Poetry
• What is figurative language?
• What is the difference between
literary devices and sound
devices? L.7.5.A
• Why are words more important in
poetry than in narratives? L.7.5
• What do we learn when we dig
between the words? RL.7.5
The One book Amy uses
Let’s not forget
Lyrics to songs
Figurative Language
• Sound Devices or Literary Devices
– Alliteration
– Rhyme
– Onomatopoeia
– Rhythm
– Assonance
- Personification
- Simile
- Metaphor
- Allusion
Book Spine Poetry
Found Poems
There is
no magic
But there are cake mix teachers
(To view or send your teachers to)
Amy’s Favorite Picture books
Must have books – not picture
Scieszka - Guys Read Funny, Thriller, Sports Page, & Other Worlds
Amy’s Top books
Sarah’s Favorites