CCN Driver for AX


CCN Driver for AX

May, 2011

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The VYKON AX CCN Driver works within the Niagara AX

Framework Driver Architecture to provide integration of

Carrier Comfort Network Controllers with JACE platforms.

CCN Driver for Niagara AX is a legacy driver

• Integration of legacy protocols should not be attempted without access to, or prior knowledge of the protocol being integrated as well as the specific architecture

• In the case of Carrier Comfort Network systems for a successful integration, the system integrator should obtain the services of a qualified CCN technician

• Best source for a qualified CCN Technician is a local Carrier

Commercial Systems and Sales office

Supported CCN Functions

• Discovery of CCN Controllers and Bridge devices on a CCN Network

• Adding CCN devices under network

• Discovery of tables which are available on the CCN device

• Adding of tables to the device

• Discovery of data tables which are available on CCN POC table

• Adding data tables to the POC tables

• Discovery of points which are available under PIC, Data table and FID tables

• Force and auto of CCN points

• Change of Units Display (metric/imperial or imperial/metric) for points

• Note: This driver supports the single CCN Network driver per station

Refer to the Niagara AX CCN User’s Manual for details

CCN Features Not Supported

• Discovery (learn/create) support for Maintenance and Configuration tables

• Read/write/force/auto Maintenance table entries

• Read/write Configuration tables

• Upload/download support for Maintenance and Configuration tables

Platform Requirements

• Niagara AX Framework Release 3.5 or higher is recommended

• The CCN driver has been designed to function on the following platforms:

JACE-NXT and embedded JACEs such as JACE -6, JACE-7 series controllers

* Note: This driver supports the single CCN Network driver per station

Ordering Information

Orders for the CCN Driver may be placed directly with*

Part Number



Carrier Comfort Network Driver for Niagara AX

List Price

$ 2,627

* Sold To and Project Name must be provided with the order for periodic reporting to Carrier


CCN Network View (Property Sheet)

CCN Network View (Property Sheet)

Bus and

Element ranges for Discovery

Bus and

Element settings for CCN

Network Driver

CCN Device View

CCN Device Property Sheet

Discovered Tables Added to JACE

Discovered Points Added to JACE

Status Display Wiresheet View

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