ITT3012 Session5- Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the classroom
Photo by Kathy Cassidy available under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 license
• To explore ways of using technology to
enhance learning outdoors
• To think about bringing the outside in, and
connecting with people and places
• To explore the use of data handling, modelling
and simulation and relate these ideas to the
computing curriculum
• To think about assessment and progression in
Purple Mash tools
Locked Out simulation
Chart and data tools
SchoolSpecific Software
QR Codes
3D Shapes
Augmented Reality PE
iSpy books
Photograph a composition of your miniature toys or found objects on a plain background. This
might be a montage, a scene or a tower. Next photograph a small selection of individual
objects. Compose some questions based upon finding objects by colour, size and position.
Print these and put into photo albums or into Haiku Deck.
Haiku Deck
6 shot stories
Little People
Espresso Coding
Free app
Physics simulations
Toca Builders
Toca Robots
Phyzios Sandbox
Kids Paint
Monster Physics
Monsters maker
Create a monster
Animal Creator
Technology Outdoors
Augmented Reality
Images as triggers to prompt video explanations
A sculpture trail around campus
A guide to natural features in the local environment
Identifying locations of mini-figurines around campus
QR Codes
Barcodes opening weblinks
A media trail to record responses to locations in the environment
Codes around the locality promoting the student experience
Found Objects
Make your own I-Spy books
Annotating photos of outdoor inventions such as water walls
Collecting maths pictures using found objects from an urban playground
Locating hidden objects using GPS data
Treasure hunts based upon specific learning goals
iGeology app linking maps and geology to learn about the rocks beneath our feet
Biodiversity and datalogging
Recording science investigations outdoors
Making sound maps
Data logging with iPads using Globisens Labdisc app
Investigating using digital microscopes outdoors
Exploring perspectives
Looking at different points of view using specialist cameras e.g. a headcam, underwater or panorama
Participants’ perspectives of a sporting event
Close-ups of the natural environment
Sharing personalised puzzles based on photos
Planning technology walks for young children in urban environments
Art in the environment
Creating film, photographs and art inspired by the environment
Searching for colour matches (Color Vacuum app)
Using the effects options on Photo Booth to explore cloud patterns
Working with environmental print
Designing outdoor reminders of ways to use wifi-enabled outdoor spaces
Scavenger hunts for natural elements described in poems resulting in digital illustrations (Path On app)
Learning Diaries
Explore some of the
resources introduced today
with a view to developing an
activity on the theme of
technology outdoors,
computing or simulations.
Directed study
• Update and organise your blog.
• Link to your group resources in the resource bank
• Begin to plan your vision statement.
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