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YTB Holiday Fundraiser
Coach's Leadership Call is
back EVERY Saturday!
Coach's Leadership Call
Saturdays @ 11:00 a.m. Central
Number: 712-432-0900
Pin: 761556#
Motivation and Inspiration! Time to explode your business!
Full YTB Online Store Video!
New YTB Online Store
Your OWN Online Travel Agency!
YTB Travel Network was No. 34 in the Travel Weekly's 2011 Power List.
Will operate YTB Travel Network under the name First Travel Alliance.
More travel products available at higher commission levels.
YTB First Steps Training
Slides (Download)
 CRTA Training
YTB Travel Network
The Travel Company
 Optional Rep Training
The Marketing Company
 Download at
Team G.E.T
5353 N. Union Blvd, Suite 10-G
Colorado Springs CO 80918
CENTER (719) 217-5090
Directors Rick & Brenda Reese
Thanks for taking the time and making the commitment to build a solid homebased e-commerce business with ZamZuu.
The fact that you have chosen to spend your time learning how to be successful in
ZamZuu is a strong testimony of your DEDICATION
* YTB-The Problem Solver *
Connecting Business On The Internet
Merchants Pay
Problem Solver
- YTB Travel Network (Travel)
- ZamZuu (E-commerce)
60% of
Merchants Pays
Keeps 100% of
Commission Paid
Problem Solver
- Amazon 7.6B E-commerce
- Expedia 2.2B Travel
Public Shops and
Books Online
Public Shops and
Books Online
Online Shoppers
Why is YTB growing by hundreds of new
Business Owners?
 Opportunity to conduct a global travel & e-commerce
business on the world-wide web
 Explosive trends in online travel & retail, baby boomer
habits, home-based business, and social media
 Commonality of YTB products and services
—same online travel & shopping…same buying habits
 Unrestricted access to vendors and industries on the
internet to buy and make/save money
 High “Use Value” of YTB’s internet solution far exceeds the
“Cash Value” to go into business
The Value of Internet Access
 Expedia purchased for $5.1 Billion in 2003
 Orbitz acquired for $1.2 Billion in 2004
 What about Travelocity, Hotwire, Kayak?
Consider Expedia:
$5.1 Billion for JUST
online travel
Why is YTB growing by hundreds of new
Business Owners?
 High commissions available to YTB Business Owners –
the power to leverage Affiliates and multiple streams of
business and residual income
 CEO-like compensation plan—performance based with no
upper income limits
 Company-paid health and insurance benefits for top
performers—guaranteed issue
 $1.23 million is available in additional bonuses over the
next 24 months
STEP 1: I’m ready to get started!
Professional Business Start-Up
 Travel Program (200 BV)
 Includes 1st Class Training ($149 value)
 20-Pack Coffee Program (200 BV)
 Make $600 selling 20 bags at $30/bag
 Z Mobile Business Solution (200 BV)
 Promote your business
 Coach’s Way Mentoring
 $3,600 Income Guarantee
Business Investment $850
STEP 2: Coach’s Way Mentoring Program
“Mentored By A Millionaire”
Many people are reluctant to start a new business.
Coach’s Way guarantees your Success!
Program Overview:
Whole Person
$50 Monthly Fee
Enroll 3 and Yours is FREE
$3,600 Income Guarantee
See Details in Rep Back Office
Use The Tools
Share Your New Business
4-Step YTB Success Process
1. Write List & Pique Interest
2. Present the Business
3. 3 Party Validation
4. Close & Sign-Up
• Test Drive (site walk-through)
• Info Websites & videos (many more)
• Tools
• Private Business Reception
Invite A Few Friends Over The House
What is a PBR?
Private Business Reception:
A gathering, hosted by
you (at your home),
where quality people
will view a quality
business presentation.
The formula:
Quality People
+ Quality Presentation
Business Growth ($$$)
YTB Travel & E-commerce
Primary Product!
YTB Travel Network
ZamZuu E-commerce
$199 / $50 per month
starting month 2 (200 BV)
BV – Business Volume
Growing Your PowerTeam
by Multiples of 5
Find 5 Serious Partners
(5 Travel Store Sales)
Working with 5 serious Partners at a time will
cut attrition and provide a duplicatable process.
Who do you know?
Building A Large Successful Team
by Multiples of 5 Serious Partners
Week 1
Week 2
Travel Store
PowerTeam Sales
Week 3
$20,000 is
Minimum Earnings On
100 Qualified Sales
 Power Team Commission
= $ 2,000
= $ 8,000
= $ 10,000
= $ 20,000
 16 Power Team Bonuses
 Reach 100 Qualified Sales
Total Compensation
For Every 100 Qualified Sales, another $10,000*
Qualified Sales
Qualified Sales
Qualified Sales
*Must Be
Qualified to
Proven Process
Our System
- Check with your upline and plug into a proven, duplicable
- Conference calls, 24 hour website, PBRs, webinars, test
drives, and weekly presentations & training.
- You invite and we do the work for you!
Birthday Bash Cruise Moved to April
RTA Challenge!
 Push to be on the Coach's Birthday
Cruise in April! Achieve 30 new
Here's the process...go for it!
 Step 1: Exposure: Show prospect or walkthru travel
& e-commerce website.
Powerteam Travel Store Sales.
 Once you win the cruise, let's push to
achieve your $10,000 bonus. Be
recognized on the cruise and
receive your $10,000 bonus check!
 Keep pushing to achieve YTB
Director by 2012 YTB National
Don't miss this Incredible Trip Everyone can qualify!!!
Step 2: Presentation: Public or Private Business
Step 3: 3-Party Validation- Get
them on the phone with your "expert.“
Step 4: Close: Sell travel store and
sign them up at your marketing site
Repeat as many times as necessary
for 3 sales! Duplicate process.
You Did It!
As Coach say’s “Rekindle Your Dream”
Have Fun and Build A Huge YTB Business!
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