Subject Leaders for PE Development Day

Physical Education
‘The exemplification of standards materials
support effective assessment by demonstrating
national standards across key stage 3 at
National Curriculum levels 3 to 8’.
They are a resource and reference point for
 when assessing pupils' work in relation to
national standards
 for training and professional development
 when thinking about next steps for students.
Reflect on the key messages when assessing
pupils in PE.
 Reflect on whether your students’ attainment
is in line with nationally agreed benchmarks.
 Have clarity about how you might use the
standards files materials in your school.
With the evidence that you have,
which characteristics from
the level descriptor/s is Tom
Justify your decision?
Reference NC key processes/concepts and NC
levels in your justification.
Need evidence through all of the key
processes and not the range and content to
make a secure judgement.
You must use your professional judgement
across a range of contexts.
Need to know the extent of student input
(decision making).
If looking at overall attainment we need to
look at making a judgement towards the end
of a block of work / year / key stage.
The following aspects will affect standards:
understanding of national expectations,
depth, complexity, challenge, quality of
 What
are the characteristics of a
level 6?
 What is unique about a level 6?
 Which characteristics does a level
6 demonstrate that a level 5
What are the key characteristics in your level
(refer to key processes/concepts)?
You may choose to show relevant evidence
from the exemplification website to share with
the group.
The standards files enable teachers across
the country to have a common understanding of
different levels and the different aspects of the
subject that underpin each one.
You can use the standards files:
 to standardise judgements, so that we all have a
shared understanding of national standards before
we make assessments
 as a reference when assessing students
 to support moderation
 to clarify what it means to make progress
 to exemplify good assessment practice
What are the key messages that have been
discussed today and how will they affect the
way you lead and manage PE in your school?
How do you know (as subject leader) how
well all of your students are doing in PE?
How will you use these national norms in
your school to raise standards in PE?
What will further raise standards in your