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Pavement Management
Keeping Good Roads Good,
Making Poor Roads Better.
Principals of Pavement Management.
• Performance Based.
• Based on Quality Information.
• Policy Driven.
• Analysis of Mix of Fixes, Options and Trade-off’s.
• Accountability and Feedback.
Benefits of Pavement Management.
• Lower Long Term Preservation Costs.
• Improved Service.
• Improved Cost Effectiveness and Use of Available
•Improved Credibility and Accountability and Decision
Applying the Principals of Pavement
1. Assess Current Conditions
2. Create a Mix of Fixes, Estimate Costs and Funding
3. Predict Future Conditions, Develop Performance Measures
4. Conduct Tradeoff Analysis and Identify Candidate Projects.
5. Set Priorities and Develop Multi year program.
6. Report Results
How Can Asset Management Help You?
Project Management
(Moving Pieces)
Network Management
(Winning the Game!)
Principals of Pavement Management.
Assess Current Conditions
◦ Miles of Roadway, Condition Rating (Such as PASER)
Create a Mix of Fixes
◦ Pavement Treatments Such as Reconstruction, Overlay, Seal
Coat/Chip Seal, Crack Seal
Predict Future Conditions
◦ Remaining Service Life (RSL)
Conduct Trade-off Analysis
◦ Evaluate Impact of Different Fixes (Pavement Treatments)
Set Priorities
◦ Consider Other Factors Such as Economic Development
Report Results
◦ Provide Accountability and Transparency
Operational Success.
Applying the Right Fix
In the Right Place
At the Right Time
Pavement Life Cycle.
The Right Fix at the Right Time Can Extend
the Pavement Life.
• Seal Coat on a Good Road Will Extend the Pavement
Remaining Service Life.
Best Treatment Depends on Pavement
(PASER 9 or 10)
(PASER 7 or 8)
(PASER 4, 5 or 6)
(PASER 3 or Less)
Mix of Fixes (Treatment Options).
Example: Road Rehabiliation.
Example: Road Rehabiliation.
Group Pavement Management Activity.
• Use Pavement Management Principals to Manage
100 Miles of Road.
• $600,000 Budge.
• Try to Maximize the Remaining Service Life.
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