Programme Briefing - College of Business

Postgraduate Student
Cultural Exchange
Briefing Session
16:00 15 October 2014
14-221 , 14/F, Academic 3
Presented by Dr Mary Pang
Associate Dean (College of Business)
Postgraduate Student Cultural Exchange
• The Programme was started in 2012.
• Exchange institutions in 3 continents around the
world, partnering with renowned overseas
• Established to expose our postgraduate students to
MUCH broader cultural learning experiences.
Objectives of the Programme
•Help you to deepen your understanding,
sensitivity and appreciation of cultural
diversities, and enhance your intercultural
•Broaden your global outlook and knowledge
of different economic, political and social
North America
Pepperdine University
United States
Copenhagen Business School
University of Victoria
EMLYON Business School
McMaster University
National Cheng Kung
University, Taiwan
University of Cape Town
South Africa
ESCP Europe
WHU – Otto Beisheim School
of Management, Germany
European Business School
Universiteit Maastricht
The Netherlands
Academic Aspects
• You would be registered as not-for-degree visiting or
exchange students in the overseas universities.
• You would need to defer your study in CityU for one
year and apply for leave of absence.
• Study at least 4 courses in your host university.
• A schedule of study would be:
Full-Time Students
Year 1 Semester A – CityU
Year 1 Semester B – CityU
Year 2 Semester A – Exchange
Year 2 Semester B – CityU
Part-Time Students
Year 1 Semester A - CityU
Year 1 Semester B - CityU
Year 2 Semester A – Exchange or CityU
Year 2 Semester B – Exchange or CityU
(Final Semester – CityU)
Tuition Fees and Expenditure
There will be NO tuition fees paid to CityU or
the Partner Institution for the semester of
your exchange.
Participating students are responsible for all
– International Transportation
– Room and Board
– Health and Travel Insurance
– Telephone Costs
– Personal Expenses
– Entertainment
– Books and Related Instructional Materials
Minimum requirements
You must have:
 studied one year of your postgraduate
programme before commencing the exchange
 met the English language requirements of the
host university (e.g. TOEFL or IELTS Scores)
 met the admission requirements of the host
university (e.g. GPA, language, etc)
Selection Criteria
We are looking for students with:
• Good communication skills
• Well-rounded attributes and qualities needed to
help you flourish in an overseas environment
• Enthusiasm to be an ambassador of CityU/Hong
• Good performance in selection interviews
• All current Year 1 students (Taught
Postgraduate Programme) of the College of
Business are welcome to apply
• Online application is available on the web
in November 2014
• Application Period:
1 to 30 November 2014
Submit the following documents online before the
 A recent passport-sized photo
 IELTS or TOEFL score report
 Any other supplementary information which you
think would be relevant to your application
 Reflect deeply in answering the questions in the
"Applicant Statement“
 Study Plan for your target university
Applicant Statement
Think and reflect deeply and analytically
 Understand yourself : Who are you? What are your
aspirations, strengths and achievements, areas for
development, etc? What do you expect to gain from
the experience? Why do you think you are a suitable
candidate for the programme?
 Understand your objectives for studying abroad :
why do you want to study abroad and what
do you hope to learn? What are your plans?
How have you prepared for this experience?
Contact Points
Ms Angie Cheung
Executive Officer
College of Business
3442 7411
[email protected]
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