Why go to university?

Changing Practice- Changing
HE Academy Conference
Capturing intellectual exchange in
changing times for postgraduate
Katherine Hewlett MA RCA
The Context
• Reduced resources
• The student experience-isolation
• Barriers to communications
• NALN conference 2007
• Teaching and learning
The justification
• Enhanced cultural capital
• Creative approaches to knowledge
• Individual differences
• Intellectual growth
Thinking approach to
Capturing what and how
• Multi dimensional thinking
• The Practice- Case studies
• Use of Technology
The evidence- Case studies
• My own research practice
• The NTF InCurriculum Project
• NUCA research culture
Practical tools
• Skype
• Flip Cam/ Vimeo site
• MP3/Smart phones
• Wikis
• ITunes U
To recap!!
• Intellectual growth
• Student experience
• Knowledge transfer
• Creative cultural capital
• Enhanced research environment
Discussion points
List three ways you think the
technology you use, every day, could
be useful to your teaching
Describe the technology used in your
relationship with your research.