Island driven search

Island driven search
As presented by shawn murry
What is Island driven search
• Breadth first search that breaks a problem into
smaller islands which are then solved
individually in order to reach the main goal
Using Island driven search for sudoku
• The islands of the sudoku problem are the
individual numbers 1-9 used to solve a sudoku
• The way that island driven search would try to
solve this problem would be to try to fill in all
the blanks that coincide to one number then
move to solve the next number islands until
the problem is solved
Heuristic for island driven
• Cost of a move = 9-X+Z
• X= number of a particular number already on
a board
• Z= the number of conflicts of where you can
legally place a number but could also maybe
place another number
Heuristic evaluation function
• Total move to solve= (Y*K)-F
• Y= total number of blanks on the board
• K is the total number of conflicts in each
• F is the total number of solved islands +
number of already filled in blanks
Example sudoku