Session Objectives# 14
Explain the need for the following functions of an operating system: user interface,
memory management, peripheral management, multi-tasking and security
Discuss the benefits/drawbacks of custom written, off the shelf, open source and
proprietary software
Describe the purpose and use of different types of software programs ( including
common utility programs)
GCSE Computing#BristolMet
Types of Software
There are 2 main groups of software:
Operating Systems (or systems software)- these are the programs
that allow the hardware to work.
Applications Software – these are a set of programs which allow
users to do something useful on a computer.
Key Term – Kernel – the lowest level of an operating system that controls the hardware.
Go through the Boardworks Intro to Software presentation making
notes and completing the activities as you go.
TASK – Add to your key terms definitions for open source and
proprietary software
GCSE Computing#BristolMet
Utility Programs
As you will have read, these programs perform all the essential
systems maintenance tasks to optimise the computers’
These include the following tasks but what do they mean?
Research and write explanations for the following:
a) Disk Formatting
b) System CleanUp
c) File Transfer
d) De-fragmentation
e) Automatic Updating
GCSE Computing#BristolMet
Operating Systems
Go For 5 – can you name 5 o/s’s in 30 secs??
Read and take notes from the Boardworks Presentation on
Operating Systems – complete all activities as you go.
GCSE Computing#BristolMet
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