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Area of Study


What you need?

• • • Prescribed Text – ‘Away’ Folder – for handouts 4 exercise books (one of each unit)

Please note:

• • • • • Folders and exercise books will be collected every Wednesday.

There will be fortnightly quizzes There will be mandatory homework Attendance is vital You need to care and do your best.

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Assessment Schedule and Scope and Sequence • Will be posted on Mr Sowaid’s Virtual Classroom.

Area of Study

• • What is an ‘Area of Study’?

– An Area of Study is the exploration of a concept that affects our perceptions of ourselves and our world. – Students explore, analyse, question and articulate the ways in which perceptions of this concept are shaped in and through a variety of texts. What is our central concept?

– Our central concept is ‘discovery’.

Area of Study

• • What is a prescribed text?

– A prescribed text is a text you must study.

– In the Area of Study, you must study one prescribed text. – Our prescribed text is ‘Away’ Michael Gow What is a related text?

– A related text is a text studied along side the prescribed text. – We will study a number of related text in class. – You will be required to select a number of texts to study yourself. These are known as ‘texts of your own choosing’.

HSC Examination

• There are two English examinations – Paper 1 – Area of Study • Section 1: Unseen Text • Section 2: Imaginative Writing • Section 3: Extended Response – Paper 2 – Modules • Section 1: Module A • Section 2: Module B • Section 3: Module C

Introducing Discovery

• Understanding the rubrics – What is a rubrics?

– A rubric is a statement that outlines the focus of an Area of Study and outlines what you will be assessed on.

Introducing Discovery

• 2-categorising-discovery

Introducing Discovery

• • • • • The rubric is big and will mean covering a lot of territory with students.

It’s a bit like journey - why did you set off, what did you find, what were the results? For discovery it’s: What necessitated the search? What kind of discovery emerged and What was the impact of that discovery? It’s personal, social, historical and cultural. It’s emotional, creative, intellectual, physical and spiritual, but also confronting, transformative and provocative.

Introducing Discovery

• • Activity 1: Complete Worksheet 1 Activity 2: Complete Worksheet 2