Symbols & Motifs in Edward Scissorhands

Imagery, Symbols, Motifs
The use of figurative language to represent objects, actions
and ideas in such a way that it appeals to our physical
Figurative language is VIVID language
The forest was dark, desolate and devoid of life. Without
her dimming headlamp, she would be shrouded in
Dried leaves crunched beneath her feet while the wind
She couldn’t stop the tears from falling. They stung her
cheeks chapped from the wind. She tripped and the thorns
pierced her thin trousers.
Write a vivid sentence inspired by Toulouse Lautrec's
painting for each of your senses
o Sight
o Hearing
o Taste
o Smell
o Touch
The representation of a concept through symbols or
A symbol is a material object that represents an abstract
idea or concept.
Some are more literal: A heart is symbolic of love.
Some are more abstract: The green light in The Great
Gatsby is symbolic of Gatsby’s unrealistic hope for Daisy’s
Create a list of literal and abstract symbols you notice in
Freshman texts: Absolutely True Diary, Romeo and Juliet,
Warriors Don’t Cry, California Blue, A Long Way Gone,
House on Mango Street, Samurai’s Garden, Bronx
Masquerade, Never Cry Wolf, Ender’s Game, Speak,
Sophomore Texts: Fahrenheit 451, Persepolis, Macbeth, Of
Mice and Men, Where The Heart Is, The Alchemist, Girl Who
Fell from the Sky, Lord of the Flies, Night, Malcolm X, Maus,
Midsummer Night’s Dream, Julius Cesar, Antigone, …
A recurring structural device that reminds the audience of
an important theme.
Often, the repeated device is a symbol. However, it can be
repeated patterns or elements that create symbolic
Colors: what colors appear in The Great Gatsby? What do
they connote?
In the X-Men film series, how are colors used to create
symbolic meaning?
Sound in film
What motifs do you notice in AGOOM?
Talk with a partner. What is the difference between a
symbol and a motif? How would you discuss them in your
What is connotation?