By: Jerry Spinelli
Mica, Arizona
 Feel: Heat and sand blowing in your face
 See: Cacti, sand, wildlife, and towns
 Hear: Sand crunching as you step
 Smell: Cacti flowers
 Be yourself: Don’t change because other people tell you
to. This story incorporates this theme by making
Stargirl unique.
Stargirl Caraway
 She is friendly all the time. She waves at people she
doesn’t know, and she sings Happy Birthday to people.
She has sandy hair, freckles, and huge eyes.
Stargirl has a pet rat named Cinnamon.
She is unique. She doesn’t care what other people
think about her.
She is generous and kind. She is nice to everyone.
Stargirl has a huge crush on Leo.
Stargirl changes her image in order to fit in at MAHS.
Leo Borlock
 He falls in love with Stargirl.
 This story is told from his perspective.
 He is the director of “Hot Seat”.
 Leo is best friends with Kevin.
 He often visits Archie Brubaker to get advice on
 Leo convinces Stargirl to change her image and be
 He is part of the Loyal Order of the Stone Bone.
 Stargirl starts coming to Mica Area High school (MAHS)
 Stargirl sends Leo a valentine’s card that says: I LOVE YOU.
 Stargirl is being shunned because everyone blames her for losing
the basketball game.
Leo goes to Stargirl’s house and confesses that he likes her too.
Leo starts getting shunned because he is always with Stargirl.
Stargirl changed her image in an effort to fit in.
When Stargirl gets back from winning the ‘talk off’ only Dori
was there to congradulate her.
Stargirl changes her image back to normal.
Stargirl goes to the school dance alone and gets everybody but
Hillari to loosen up and have fun.
Stargirl moves away.
Literary techniques- Metaphors
 Page 15: “She was elusive. She was today. She was
tomorrow. She was the faintest scent of a cactus flower,
the flittering shadow of an elf owl.”
 Page 85: “I was a yellow balloon, smiling and lazy,
floating above the classrooms.”
Literary Techniques-Similes
 Page 138: “Seething like snakes under a porch.”
 Page 152: “Like a butterfly, her words fluttered from
image to image.”
 Page 155: “The boys looked at them as if they were
hand grenades.”
 Page 157: “The silver plate they gave her twinkled like a
starburst in a galaxy of flashing cameras.”
 Page 167: “The moon rose into the sky like a lost
Literary TechniquesPersonification, Alliteration, and
 Page 49: “Honey hair and freckles flying.” (alliteration
and personification)
 Page 87: “She laughed and the desert sang.”
 Page 91: “The stars will whisper.” (personification)
 Page 124: “I had to make an effort to keep my balance
lest I fall into them.” (hyperbole)
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