Session 8 - Support for UNCTs

Support for UNCTs
Session 8
Session objectives
- Review the support available to UNCTs to
sustain HRBA and RBM to the country
programming process
- Discuss ways to tailor available support to the
agreed next steps
Learning Support
• Technical support from Regional UNDG Teams
• UNSSC Facilitation support for Strategic Planning Retreat
• UNSSC Regional training workshops on HRBA-RBM (fee
• Off-site support for HRBA-RBM training at country level
with partners
• Learning materials
• On-line Results Matrix
• E-Learning kit on UN Country Programming Processes
• HRBA Portal – Human Rights Policy Network (HuriTALK)
Plenary Reflection
How can the UNCT make best use of available
support for its next steps and UNDAF process?
Thank you!