Water supply problems in HICs

Water supply problems in HICs
Quality of water
Using p142 complete the diagram
Spatial imbalance
Spatial variations
• Study Figure 10 (student
book p. 142). Then
complete a copy of the
diagram below by:
Marking and labelling
each of the following:
dam, reservoir, hillside,
road, valley sides.
• Add notes to your copy
explaining why water is
transported from the
north and west of Britain
to the south and east.
Seasonal variability
Seasonable variability
Seasonal variability: Costa del Sol
Mark scheme
Loss through broken pipes
Study student book p. 143, then answer these
(a) When was the water distribution in London
(b) What happened as demand increased?
(c) What did this lead to?
(d) When was a new ring main built?
(e) How much water is supplied daily via the ring
2009: Past paper question
• Describe two problems of water supply in
high-income countries. (4)