Port Sunlight

Port Sunlight
Port Sunlight…
 Port sunlight is a little town on the coast of the Wirral
 It was made in 1888 by the lever Brothers, for workers
from sunlight soap(now part of Unilever)
 The lever Brothers were Victorians. It is now unilever
factory in port sunlight.
Why was it built…
 It was built for the workers from Sunlight Soap. They
had NO pubs because the workers might get drunk and
might ruin the soap. Then they get complaints
Then they will shut down.
The Lever Brothers
 Lever Brothers was a British manufacturer
founded in 1885 by William Hesketh Lever (1851–
1925) and his brother, James Darcy Lever (1854–
1910). The brothers had invested in and promoted
a new soap making process invented by chemist
William Hough Watson. It was a huge success. In
1930, Lever Brothers merged with Margarine Unie
to form Unilever
Port Sunlight a home for the
 In 1887 the Lever brothers searched for a new site to expand
its soap-making business.
 They bought 56 acres of flat unused marshy land in Cheshire,
south of the River Mersey.
 The site became Port Sunlight, the model village was built in
between a river and a railway line.
 In between 1899-1914, 800 houses were built to a population
of 3,500.
 The garden village had allotments, public buildings the Lady
Lever Art Gallery, a cottage hospital, schools, a concert hall, a
church, an open air swimming pool & a temperance hotel.
 The brothers introduce a welfare scheme, and provided
education & entertainment for his workface , encouraging
recreation and organisations which promoted literature, science
or music.
Port Sunlight - photographs
Port Sunlight Village
Unilever Brands
 Unilever brands are very famous all around the world.
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