Stages of a Reading skills Lesson



Select a text. Think of age, level and interest.


. Create interest in the topic of the text; use visuals, personalisation, brainstorming ideas and knowledge.


Pre- teach vocabulary that is essential for understanding the text (not always needed)

1. Set a gist task which tests global understanding of the text.

For reading, let the students read silently; set a time limit so they read quickly and concentrate on the gist task.

Let students check their answers in pairs or groups.

2. Set a specific information task to prompt more intensive reading. Allow sufficient time. Offer help if necessary.

Let students check their answers in pairs or groups before the whole class feedback.

Whole class feedback/check answers. Refer back to the text to solve problems. It’s helpful to number the lines in the text to help everyone to find information/words during the feedback.

Set follow-up task based on something related to the text;

This could be: a language focussed task (grammar, vocab) a discussion based on the topic, a role play based on the situation or characters in the text, a written task which uses the text as a model or as a prompt