Mobile Technologies for the Dyslexic Learner


Myles Pilling Specialist ICT SEN Consultant for Wiltshire Council


 To give an overview of what mobile technologies are out there in schools  To give you an opportunity to try some of the ICT solutions yourself  To understand the value of word prediction as part of a strategy to support the Dyslexic learner

What Mobile Technologies are there?

 Mobile phones – Apple & Android  iPods  iPads  Tablet PC’s – Apple & Android  Smart Pens  Kindles  Pen & Paper

Smart Pens

Echo smart pen

 Write  Record Audio  Save and Playback  Transfer to PC  Send and share to social network sites eg Evernote.

Kindle Fire, Kindle, Kobo, etc

 Good for reading in lighting condition any  Kindle Fire combines a range of apps  Cheaper alternative to iPad  ...but essentially a media tool, books, films, a limited range of apps

Tablets - Windows Surface

 Great for secondary schools as Office built in  BUT.. It’s a cutdown of Windows 8!!  Light , portable and FAST!

 Starting price £399 for 32 gigs of memory

iPad, iPad2,iPad3, iPad4, iPad minis!

Bewildering !!

 iPad2 is reasonably priced for schools now  As long as you have the iPad with a camera tool that is great.

 iPad3 has better screen display – really sharp and the addition of a microphone on the keyboard.

 iPad4 – only improvement is better speed 2X faster than previous iPads!!

 iPad minis are more portable – but more confining to use the keyboard.

Free apps for your iPad/iPod

Free apps for your iPad/iTouch

      Cloud On Dragon Art Studio Lite Notes Evernote Dropbox

Free apps for your iPad/iTouch

Power of 3D Story writing

 The labyrinth  Dream:scape  Epic Citadel

Paid Apps

 iWriter - £2.49

 Voice Dictation - £0.69

Paid Apps

 Dyslexia Quest - £1.49

 Explain Everything - £1.99  Puppet Pals Director HD - £1.99

 Zen Tap Pro - £1.99

PuppetPals HD Director;s Pass Dyslexia Quest Explain Everything

Top Tips

 Organise your apps into groups so practise skills eg Phonics, Spelling, etc  Ensure you use apps like PuppetPals, Explain Everything  Try before you buy – lite versions of the app  Look at apps that are tools as well  Audioboo for sound recording, Voice Recorder  iWriter - better keyboard with word prediction built in  Explain Everything - for combining and moving images,video,text into stories , factual information

“There’s no point buying cars if you have no road for them to travel on!”

- Paul Hutton, BETT 2013

Things to consider

“Bring your own device into school” (BYOD) – have policies in place for there use  Wifi in the school – these devices work best on Wifi – some apps are Wifi dependent eg CloudOn  Mobile Device Management software – how will lots of devices be managed?

How do you pay for apps? – Credit Card? Gift Card? Volume Purchasing License

What about Android?

 Android are catching up  Range of devices offered are greater!

 Drawbacks are the same as iPad. Not school system friendly  Dyslexia apps that are good – word prediction is good on Android. Eg swiftkey and swype

What ICT tools to use?


 Grid selection software Clicker 5  Word prediction software – WriteOnline, Co-Writer6  Speech recognition software – Dragon Dictate 11 premium  S kill Practise software – nessy, numbershark, wordshark  Mindmapping software – inspiration, communicate ideas, mindgenius  ICT suite of tools – texthelp read and write gold

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